Resident Psychic Medium Reader

Are you haunted by the past or just wondering about the immediate future?

Gracie uses a crystal ball to help her channel your energy and the energy of passed loved ones, to hopefully guide you to a better future.
Giving intuitive mediumship readings and talking to passed loved ones, when they are available.

Gracie is one of anybodythere's well loved members and readers with 1000's of posts, readings and positive, genuine feedback.

Psychic readings are not conversations. Reply with only simple answers for validation (yes . no . maybe . close). Sometimes, it is hard to not say more, the psychic reader will gently remind you if you forget. This offers the best confirmations for both you and the psychic reader. Validations may be explained after the psychic reading has ended.

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  • Last Up To One Hour
  • Past, Present, Future


Gracie's payment process is fully secure using a payments provided by PayPal. Clients may choose to pay by credit/debit card or an existing PayPal account. If you miss your allocated time slot, Gracie reserves the right to refuse a full refund. If Gracie cancels a reading due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, she will offer an alternative time slot for the reading or a full refund.

Gracie will contact you within 24 hours (week-days) to arrange a time and date for your private reading. Please allow longer for the weekends.