Developing Psychic Reader XBeccaX

Hello Everyone,

So, a little about myself.....My screen name as you know is XBeccaX I have a 4yr old son whom I adore and is my main light in my life. My real name is Rebecca, I am 24 yrs old and was born in Cheshire, UK.

I had a very challenging childhood and was very withdrawn from a young age which I think has some how connected with why I have the gifts I have.

I am a complete & utter dreamer and have a very vivid imagination, I'm very artistic. I am one of those 'lovey-dovey' types and a complete sappy, slushy person pretty much all the time.

I cant say when i realized i had any sort of gift until 1999, or at least connected anything with the psychic or spiritual world.

Our house did have a spirit, something I think I picked up on quite quickly, obviously sensing an atmosphere, then sensing a presence, strange happenings and constantly hearing my name being called thinking it was my dad.

Still withdrawn at that point the idea of spirits completely terrified me and still does to this day, but its something I have come to terms with and live with. Sometimes my imagination runs wild with things I've seen on TV/film or scary stories I've read about so called spooks, but I am still deeply intrigued by them.

I am also an empath, a lot of issues and hurdles in life. So far I've always thought to be something I've done wrong or something I hadn't done. Realizing now (without knowing about grounding) I left myself open to peoples negativity and some days I could be high as a kite just to come crashing down. I am a great worrier and take on a lot of peoples problems and always end up feeling just as bad as they do, this is something I aim to develop so I can stop myself getting so connected.

I have in the past also seen things in dreams that have had a connection with something that happens days later, I've never been able to make sense of them until after its happened.

I also read which is my strongest gift to me. I work with angel oracle cards which I find peaceful and get a warmth from. I chose Angels because to me angels represent beauty, positivity, light, warmth, strength and love!

I have been told many times that I am a LIGHT-WORKER with my compassion, love & empathy combined means I have great energies for helping others and helping them towards a greater light and out of the shadows and also to share the positivity and great amounts of love that I carry with me.

I like to ask lots of questions and I like to learn! I hope in being a practice reader and being on ABT that I can develop and become established in the gifts I have, to be able to move forward with confidence, fear-free and self assured.

I am a very bubbly chatty person and will offer my time to anyone in need of it. Please be aware that i am only practicing and cant guarantee that my readings will always be in depth or 100% matched to you.

I hope I can read for you wonderful people, friends and new members (please only request a reading if you have 10 posts).
Light ...blessings and much much love to you all!!!


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