Developing Psychic Reader Tenoth

Tenoth here! I have been on my spiritual, psychic and paranormal journey as long as I can remember. Although not being reincarnated to spiritual or religious family and not having friends until my teenage years, I was amazed at much I self taught myself and how much it all came natural to me. It wasn't until around my 14th birthday start to begin to understand everything. Now 18 and up I finally have a good grip on everything going on in and around me on all levels, but just like everyone else I'm still learning and always will be.

I totally believe everyone is in some form psychic and really hope through my readings I can help empower you to take control of your life for the greater good.

I offer three types of readings. Please note at this time I'm only doing general as I feel and believe this gives you - the sitter - an overview of different areas of your life and gives you a clearer image and peace of mind on what's coming up or decision making when it all comes together as a whole.

I work with Tarot in a number of ways, such as using one I have that I may possibly be drawn to in particular in which I will also mention which deck in the reading so you can also look up and perhaps even buy the deck if you so choose to. The other way is by using online tarot and which ever site I'm drawn to at the time which I've used many times before with accurate results in ABT Chat. With reading Tarot, I don't use any books with written meanings at all, I use my Clarasentence/Empath/Sensitive ability.

Something I like to call, The Power Within
A general reading using no physical tools, just using all the abilities I have inside and attuned to. What comes to me I will explain in as much great detail in the reading.

Photo Readings
I do photo readings of yourself (Preferably as recent as possible) Sometimes photos can show things hidden in plane site, but also allows me to pick up on certain things that I may not have been able to in a general reading. This normally work solely on the present.

Please remember to read to guidelines and respect the rules before posting as always guys! <3 Much love

I look forward to working with you all!
Namaste my fellow brothers and sisters <3


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