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Hi my name is Kim. I am a Medium and Intuitive reader. I have had most of my abilities for as long as I can remember. Psychic ability was the norm in my family.

My Grandmother and Mother were both Mediums so I never really even thought to question life after death or psychic abilities. I can imagine for alot of people some of our family conversations would seem quite odd now that I think about it!

Most of my adult life I focused on raising a family and my career. I was always deeply drawn to helping others so I chose psychology and social work as a career path. I still find no greater joy then to see someone open to the love and beauty that is their true self.

It was only after all my children moved away that I chose to develop my psychic abilities to assist others. I am a Reiki Master and also have studied other forms of healing. Healing is my passion! My favorite creative hobby is making gemstone jewelry filled with Reiki for others.

I have spent the last 5 yrs as a reader and assistant both online and in private helping others thru spirit messages, psychic reads; or assisting them to develop their own ability's .

I am looking forward to working with you! Namaste.

Love lights the way,
Kimorents xxxxx


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