Developing Psychic Reader Dusty Feet

Those that have met me already (and those in chat) will agree that I think "normal" is nothing more than a programme on a washing machine - that much is pretty obvious from my appearance.....

I was raised largely by my dearly departed father and my sister who is 2 years older than me so I guess my childhood was a little unconventional.

I left college and embarked on a career in aviation, following in the footsteps of both my father and grandfather; I joking tell people my blood group is Jet-A1 before an out-of-work incident left me with some nasty injuries. Without the means to support myself, I lived on a beach for a couple of years where I started to explore myself and found some of my gifts.

I retrained into electronics and maintained links in aviation by joining RAF and later USAF as reserve aircrew onboard C-130 transport aircraft.

Having had periods of homelessness I would certainly say my life thus far has been an adventure. I currently live in a pub with a couple who I look to as mother figures as well as great firends I would do anything for.

Absolutely anything could be round the corner and whilst being a tarot reader (I use a much loved Tarot de Paris deck, the only deck I have ever used) I have never asked for a reading myself - I prefer the mystery of not knowing.

I have developed a little in healing and in mediumship but the majority of my spiritual activity has been in reading - both online and face to face. I have read for people at organised parties as well as in pubs, workplaces and even a reading beneath the statue of Eros in central London; it is not unusual for me to get my deck out while waiting at airports etc; thanks in part to my father's career and partly due to my own I am quite a well travelled soul and love to visit and explore other countries and cultures.

I love to sing and dance and am well known in the bar for my sense of humour - a joke at my expense is well worth it to see a smile from someone.

Any questions about me are more than welcome - I am almost impossible to offend and am diplomatic and tactful in my approach to others, I will stop droning on now......


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