Developing Psychic Reader Cookie

I've had gifts all my life, some came later than others but I've always been empathic, and very connected to nature. When I entered high school my empathy seemed to kick into high gear. If a friend was troubled I always seemed to know the right thing to say or do to help them.

My gifts keep expanding and changing over the years. I currently work with psychic visions/premonitions, heightened intuition/empathic connections, dream interpretation and also I do picture reading. One of my recent developments over the last year has been energy color healings and also negativity clearing through meditation/visualization.

Also I'd like to add that I do tarot on occasion, just a simple 3 card draw, so if you'd like to request a tarot read please feel free.

I'm also a medium, I work with spirit guides, my own and others, and also give messages from passed loved ones, so if you'd like that type of reading please post a picture of the person you'd like me to connect with and I will do my best (also same for healings, please post a picture of yourself or the person in need of healing, as I can connect better knowing what you look like).

I love to help those who need it, but I will say that if I don't feel a connection when I get a request, I may not be able to read for you. Please don't take this personal, it's just how I do my readings. I like to be drawn to someone before being able to read for them. But if you have a healing request I will gladly assist.


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