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My main goal is helping others find their path and footing in this lifetime. I am almost 50 years old and have lived through so much thus far in my lifetime that I think I can feel and understand many of the things you are going through.

I have a strong faith and connection with God that has been with me all my life even as a very young girl.

I was badly burned as a 5 year old 3rd degree on my leg (spilled a 36 cup hot coffee pot onto me). The Doctor said I would need skin grafts and have horrible pain. I told the Doctor no I would not have either as I asked Jesus he told me I would not need anything. The Doctor just laughed and thought I was silly, but in fact I was right.

I have seen God work in many ways and could not have gotten through some parts of my life without him. I love finding the Blessings that life has to offer at every turn if I look around me ..( OK so I wear rose colored glasses) BUT I Love them.

I have a strong connection with animals also.

I sit here wondering what all to say I do, but in fact I do nothing!! God uses me to do his bidding and his will.

I have met some wonderful people here at this site whom have helped me to grow and I just want them to know they are Loved. Now it is my turn to "pay it forward" NO FEE'S ONLY LOVE!!!


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