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Celticsoul7 reads tarot cards, but also utilize mediumship and psychic reading within her readings. It all works together. She uses the cards as a guide, like a storybook and spirit guides her on the story lines that pertain to the sitter.

Greetings, Just going to write a bit about me so you can decide if you would like a reading by me. One thing to always remember is to go to the reader that you feel pulled to.

I was born in England but moved to the states when I was about 4 or 5. Me and my family moved into an old farmhouse in New Hampshire (yep, it was haunted) and since then moved around the country.

Even when we lived in the old house in New Hampshire I saw things, heard and felt them. We had a spirit that followed our family around and my brothers saw that one the most. My most vivid memory of seeing a spirit when I was young was of an old man in very old fashioned clothes standing next to a fallen down old house on a dirt road we would walk by. No one saw it besides me and my sister. There was a group of about 4 or 5 of us. He watched me and my sister walk down the road, I suppose he was surprised I could see him. Also I would always get away with skipping nap time at nursery school because I would play so quietly with my Lincoln logs by myself (they thought I was by myself anyway), I had other playmates Wink .

I always seemed older than my age and knew things I couldn't possibly know. Things such as someone was ill, I would put my hands on them and they would feel better.

Throughout my young life I also had a fascination with anything to do with ESP and did a few experiments on it, whenever I could get away with it. Zener cards is a deck of 25 cards with 5 different symbols on them - star, circle, square, plus sign & wavy lines. I made quite a few decks myself and when I would work with them, the highest I got right out of a deck of 25 was 21 (this was mainly in trying to do precognition, or clairvoyance). I read up on everything I could, Edgar Cayce was and has always been a favorite.

As I got older I felt things more and more and would know when something was wrong. That gut ache, I wouldn't always be able to tell anyone for fear they would think I was crazy. When I was in my teen years I found out the my birth mother (who I never really knew) was also a psychic medium and had worked with police in England on missing person cases. Alas I never really did get to know her as she passed before we could really share.

At eighteen I joined the army so the psychic side was put on hold for a while. While I was in I did get a deck of Rider-Waite tarot cards and started to play with them. I wasn't half bad for a novice. But still it got put aside for a few years.

When I got out of the army and eventually moved to Florida I was able to go to some tarot classes in a local store - it was awesome. I felt like I had found my niche and within a year became good enough that I started to read people at another local store. I had a good sized clientèle and had a good line going during the semi annual psychic fairs. That was when I truly felt as if I was me/myself.

Life intruded and I was pulled away from it for a few years. Felt like a part of me was missing. Finally after moving to this latest home, I feel in a place where I can read and help people again. I know it is part of my calling and just want to help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. I would love to help.


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