Developing Psychic Reader Arianna

Hi Everyone,

I am empath, psychic and a developing medium. I am still learning and therefore your feedback is very important. I am open and will tell you what is needed regardless of if it may sound bad to you.

I am a realistic person and would tell you like I see it. I will give advice but you don't have to take the advice as my advice would sometimes be derived from the situation in your reading.

I would like to note that my readings are "practice" and is in no way definite as situations can change.

In light of this I am willing to do readings to anyone who is interested. I am more comfortable doing picture readings so sitters can post their picture on this page. I also do spirit readings and psychic readings but I am now developing these aspects of my abilities hence my preference for picture readings as it may be more accurate.

I look forward to communicating with many of you.



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