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I see images and also hear messages, the messages are like thoughts I have to separate them from my own thoughts, it is always a good idea not to know to much about the sitter, but just a little info helps me sometimes to form the connection, but this is not always needed.

When I see spirits they do not always show me their full form, they will show me their body type, and also I can see the clothes that they are wearing, I do not always see their faces, unless there is something about their face that they want me to see, I can see their hair.

I know that a spirit is there just as you will know that there is someone else in the room, you feel it.

The strongest spirits are the ones that come through to give a message to the sitter just to help and guide them, or to give them some answers.

Some people are easier to read than others, I find that people who are desperate for a read can be hard to read as I feel their desperation, I think that I am empathic.

I can feel the spirits pain, its not immense pain but it is enough to let me know that there was something wrong in a particular area of the body, sometimes they will actually tell me in words.

I have never read any books on this, I only know what I see. Sometimes I am closed and cannot read, but when I am open it can be very strong.


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