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Not sure what I am, anyone else know?

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Joined: Sat May 11, 2019 12:58 pm

Sat May 11, 2019 2:30 pm

Hello all,
My name is Lolo, I'm 28 and live in New England, USA. After 10 years of heavy to moderate drinking, I finally decided to give it up, and now realize that I was drowning out "voices" and my intuition, so to speak.
It has been like a flood gate opening since then and I have been using tarot and runes as a way to sort of guide myself through it all and channel some of the energy. I was always told that I was an empath, and I do believe that I am. But I have to say that it is like being an empath on steroids. I will put it as simply as I can as it is a process and perhaps someone can drop some tips and/or input as to what I'm dealing with as my research so far doesn't quite hit on the last part of the process.
1. Basically what happens is people come to me with their "negative" emotions and energy through telling me stories or simply putting themselves next to me physically. I am told that I have a calming effect.
2. What happens next is that I then feel these negative emotions/the energy as if they are my own, a typical empath, right?
3. This is where I started to wonder if it is something more or different all-together. Next I "eat" and "digest" this energy and am able to dispose of it for the other person, leaving them without most if not all of the negativity after that.
Hence my username!
So, I've been researching ways to protect myself as at times it can be very draining. I know when people die, I know when a friend is crying. Random person on the curb smoking a cig? Feel their anxiety. Someone I'm doing a reading for, a name pops up in my head, it's someone they still need to heal from. It only seems to be the 'negative' or harder to navigate emotions/energies and I have always tried to be a very positive and bright person who lights up a dark room (some people DO NOT like that), so it kind of makes sense.
I've always been able to communicate with animals, had loads of synchronicities to the point where you just have to laugh, felt protected by presences not seen, all things I can kind of wrap my head around but this is a tough one for me.
If anyone has any information on what I should research it would be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like I'm a newborn on this journey grasping a the teet of spiritual knowledge, LOL.
Thank you all for your time, you can find me on IG under '' if you'd like to chat more as I check those messages quite frequently, and you can kinda see what I'm into if you're interested! I'd love some new friends.
Good vibes and thanks again in advance,

Scout Phoenix
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Sat May 11, 2019 10:43 pm

I have been exactly where you are now. I opened up my Kundalini Chakras all at once by myself and with no guidance. I picked up people's negative energies too but my issue was that I had to learn how to control my emotion's when I am around other people. I have a difficult time with that. I am also starting to study Kundalini effect a lot and it can become like a new addiction. So, I now use mythological power animal's as my guide's and on my totem's. It has helped myself a lot when I also astral travel at night too. I had emotion's that I couldn't handle any longer. Picking, up spirit's and people. I since than have given up following people. Because, most to myself have ego's I can't help them out with. I follow animal's because there so amazing and have very simple meaning's. I do feel like a baby in this too. Scout Phoenix

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Joined: Sat May 11, 2019 12:58 pm

Sun May 12, 2019 8:59 pm

Thanks for your response! It is pretty crazy having little to no guidance in all of this, huh :P
I'm pretty interested in knowing more about the mythological creature totems your talking about and how that works/how it helps you more specifically, if you are interested in elaborating. I've always had passion for the mythology of all different cultures. They have similar themes throughout many.
Do you have any idea what stage in khundalini awakening this would be considered, if there is a name for it?

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