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Tea Leaves

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Fri May 05, 2017 1:49 pm

Tea Leaves - Tasseomancy

What you will need

A mug or cup preferably with a white surface in the bottom of the mug or cup, some people prefer china cups but that is personal preference, it doesn’t matter as long as the cup/mug has been blessed with white light first for working and focusing
A clean plate or saucer for the excess leaves - again if you choose to - its up to you so as to ensure you are working with the highest of positive energy first and foremost
positive intention and sitter’s permission to work with their energy - will come to that in a second!
Visualization music in the background and or a tea light candle if you choose to light one for the sitter in mind and for your peace of mind, for protection purposes.
Tea Leaves -1/4 of a spoonful just enough to make sure there is some in the bottom of the tea for when you make it - Of course - and it will be the dregs or grouts, remaining remnants in the leaves that you are working with at the time.
Tea bag or if you are working with tea leaves- teapot with strainer. And milk, if you have it.

Ground and protect before you start working with energy in the way that sits naturally right with you - if you aren’t g&p’d already. Light the candle and have a few minutes to meditate and quietly envision the solitude/peacefulness around you. When ready, you can move onto the next step…
Ask the universe energy to keep your energy going so that you aren’t using too much of your own energy to practice. Work with what you a comfortable with. Lately, I’ve started working with Selene’s Moon Energy and Neptune energy because they are clearing, but also, the polar opposite to this would be Sunlight, because its on a much higher vibration level. See yourself being surrounded by this either in a ray of light or a bubble of moonlight with sunlight coating the bubble as another layer to boost and raise your own energy vibration higher. (with special thanks to Cevin who mentioned this to me only recently)
Ask the universe to send down a beautiful beam of light and relax your awareness - find a position in your mind/awareness where you feel comfortable- could be at the back where you find peace or at the forefront of your thoughts where the business of everyday thoughts need to calm and relax - to see in your mind’s eye - to picture the midnight sky with shining stars that twinkling brightly and with this visualisation - a beautiful white beam of pastel coloured light descends from the heavens’ from the heart of the universe and zooms through the clouds, through the atmosphere - its vibrancy and vitality is brightly dazzling but its vibration feels light and airy - that’s because its cosmic energy which is infused with universal energy and love, now as it picks up speed, it zooms down to your rooftops of your home and into your workspace, to fill and bless, clear and charge your mug & plate and clears your mind so that you are ready to work and focus.
It is a soothing but strong energy that is light and airy. Feel its vibrancy fill you through your crown chakra, and into your body, descending and down your feet into the ground, anchoring you, and entering your aura energy, pushing all that is not needed, any cloudiness, fog, interference, doubt, negativity, niggling feelings, second thoughts, and negative intentions and tension out of your body so that you feel more relaxed and stress-free.
So now that you are fully refreshed and replenished of energy, you can start this exercise by boiling the water in the kettle - did i mention you needed a kettle ? Yep, kettle - have the cups or mugs out in front of them - make sure water is warm or hot before opening the tea bag and making a slit in the bag….
If you are using a teapot and strainer, put the leaves in the strainer, pour the hot water onto them - you should get about 3 mugs from it depending on the size of the teapot and the mugs - before you reach the leaves/grouts.
If you have a tea bag - empty half the contents in the mug and pour water over them into the mug - to make the tea - allow it to brew to whatever strength you like add milk however much you like - and then drink the tea but stop about a couple of last mouthful from the end so you are just reaching the surface of the dregs. Add cold water if you wish with the tea.
Drink the tea with Sitters’ name in mind and ask that you have their permission to read before tuning in. Sitter if you do not wish to be read please let leader of circle know by room message and your request will be respected and noted.
When you reach the last mouthful, turn it upside down on the plate - turn it clockwise 3 times - and leave to stand for 3 minutes. State your intent: I as a respectable reader of energy would like to hereby request for any universal messages or spiritual energetic messages or guiding messages to make themselves known in a positive way or forever hold your peace. I would also appreciate it if any universal or spiritual beings that would like to step forward and make themselves known to do so now or forever hold your peace. Ty.
Relay your messages/open the link/what you will be looking for is anything that stands out to you which makes itself known…. could be colours, numbers, names, faces, animals, first thoughts trust in them too, and use the tool to connect; e.g. in my cup i may see a dog for example now that dog could be a loyal friend of the sitter, or it could connect to the stars when wording it you would word it as you would in an ordinary reading - you have a connection to Sirius the star constellation, you are a loyal person with a long-standing friendship with the animal world, etc. Trust the first thoughts, set aside doubt.
When you are ready to turn it over or drawn to turn it over - be careful that it doesn’t make too much of a mess - tip the liquid contents into a sink or away
And you should have the patterns to work with in the plate/mug before you.

When you start to interpret, make sure you are relaxed and clear of mind chatter. Ask any mind chatter to STEP back so that you can hear any messages that come in from Spirit or the Universe. You may find that while studying the contents of the cup Spirit may come through that tool, if that happens, ask for Spirit to come through when they are ready to, but also know that they will step in if needs be when the time is right and when a link is ready to open.

The tool itself is a window to connecting with psychic or spiritual energy. So whichever messages it will show you in the formation of the shapes of the leaves, the patterns can be determined into messages that are delivered across to sitter.

When finished, draw your attention to the room and let them know you are finished.
Thank all the energies that have made it possible today.

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Fri May 05, 2017 10:11 pm

CelticRose wrote:
Fri May 05, 2017 1:49 pm

The tool itself is a window to connecting with psychic or spiritual energy. So whichever messages it will show you in the formation of the shapes of the leaves, the patterns can be determined into messages that are delivered across to sitter.
Wonderfully written up CelticRose.


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Sat May 06, 2017 4:09 am

Nice... this sounds like my cup of tea :D

ok ok... bad pun.
I love this Celtic, i'm going to try it out. I have read tea leaves in the past but a little differently.. so will try this.
How i used to do it is similar, i'd break open the tea bag and add 1 tablespoon of hot water. Swirl, empty water very slowly, swirl the mug again, empty some more, swirl, empty , and then read what is left. :)

Not for bigger messages but I find it good for when asking questions or looking for a general omen/sign :)

I appreicate you typing all of this out for us. Hugs, Samj
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Sat May 06, 2017 6:14 am

Yep, good for general reads as well Samj.

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Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:33 am

:thumbsup: Ravensfox, post is here for this!

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Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:35 pm

Thanks Celtic much appreciated :)
Rise again, Aileni.

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Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:35 am

Welcome :o)

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