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Reading please

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Free readings are only available on her event 'An Evening With Akasha' in chat. No readings are available on the forums but are used instead for announcements, questions and feedback.
Akasha reserves the right to refuse to read someone if she is not drawn to them. Please do not interrupt when she is reading or pm her during the event. If you are not picked for a reading on the night you can either book a private reading with Akasha or come along to the next event.
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Tue Apr 27, 2021 2:15 am

Requesting a reading please

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Sun May 09, 2021 3:06 pm

Hi Finn34!

Just flipped some cards here, felt I would draw a card to summarize you/your situation (1) and then 3 more to give some further information/guidance (2,3.4).

1. 5 of Wands. Conflict, strife, clashing wills, struggle. There's a sensation here of thrashing, of being frustrated, of not knowing which approach to take and regardless of the approach being chosen feeling like it's met with resistance and gets you right back into a problem, something you were hoping to avoid when you selected your approach. Feelings of quicksand, of the more I try the harder this gets.

2. Strength. This a trump card, so an abstract, universal truth you came to learn, and this one is all about taming the "inner beast" or our inner darkness with unconditional self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. That it's not a matter of finding another formula, another strategy and then hurling yourself into the situation bracing yourself for impact. If anything, the direction you might consider heading is inward instead of outward (which I know is difficult since you don't like what you see there, but what if what you see is a deception and if you got closer it wasn't so bad after all? Possible!)

3. The Sun. Another trump. But this card is all about everything is clear in the daylight, that shrinking from the light does us no favours. By being clear, and holding our fears up to light one by one things come more into focus, fears that looked like big monsters in the moonlight, in the sun are properly seen as the mice that they are.

4. Queen of Swords. This ties into the previous two cards, especially the last one. Queens use the energy of their suit (swords, air, mind, intellect) to preside over their INNER world. The Queen of Swords' greatest strength is her sense of mental discrimination, her cool disposition, her healthy sense of emotional distance that allows her to weigh different thoughts, hold them separately to the light, and judge for herself what's right and real. A healthy amount of emotional distance, the ability to see things both inside and in the outside world from a bit more of a bird's eye perspective is being urged here. The battlefield is very daunting from within, much easier looking down at it from afar.

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