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Hoping someone can read me please

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Joined: Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:53 am

Fri Mar 19, 2021 6:19 am

I haven't been feeling well. I'm a psychic empathy and very confused lately. I'm not sure if I'm feeling someone else. I can usually pinpoint these things. But that past 2 weeks I don't know. Am I the one who is I'll? Thanks in advance for any reading

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Joined: Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:39 pm

Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:51 pm

Reading for a fellow gifted intuitive is always a bit daunting for me. But I'll give it a go anyway. A picture of your face would be lovely- either here or in a private note. It will help, but I'll do the read either way.

Posts: 152
Joined: Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:39 pm

Mon Mar 22, 2021 4:24 pm

Ladyinwaiting, gifted empath feeling confused lately. I went to my trusty Osho Zen deck for you. {I only read from two deck, Osho Zen and the more conventional Gilded Tarot by Barbara Moore.} Hopefully I can give you a bit of clarity.

I drew four cards all from the Major Arcana. This suggests big things happening in your life, big changes. I feel these changes are internal rather than material or external. You are in the process of evolving at the moment and not really understanding what is going on. Don't worry, it will all become clear in due time.

First card is The Lovers, Major Arcana Six, a curious card in this context. Your name suggests you are not in a romantic relationship at this time. True love eludes you even though you want it very much. Yes? The love you are seeking is one where your partner acts as a mirror, reflecting unseen aspects of your self. It is a love based on freedom and unconditional acceptance, not need or expectation. That is what you are looking for? I have every confidence you will find it, just not today or tomorrow, but after you have finished evolving.

Next card is Change, Major Arcana 10. The wheel of change turns, our lives change. Change is by it's very nature uncomfortable, like a new pair of shoes. We are all continuously changing, evolving, dying, and being reborn. Don't get too comfortable. The only way to make sense of it all is to move to the center of the wheel, the quiet place where nothing changes. You know this place. From there you can view the changes from a more detached point of vies. You can see the changes for what they are rather than being swept up in them.

Next card is Creativity, Major Arcana Three. Now we get back to the basics. We see a woman creating, growing all sorts of flowers, but this is the essence of woman isn't it? To grow and nurture and create? In this time of confusion, it is important to go back to who you are, the identity which never changes. It is the difference between "I am" and "This is how I manifest myself." It is so easy to get caught up in the circle, the shrubbery which grows up out of the roots of "I am."

Finally we have Beyond Illusion, Major Arcana 20. I have a feeling you knew a card like this was coming. It shows the face of consciousness looking inward while the clamoring of the outside world is represented as a butterfly flapping its wings. The message is clear and consistent with the other cards. Look inward for your truths, not outward. Yes, we are part of society and must "play by the rules." We get into trouble when we allow externals to define us. People in advertising have made fortunes telling us what we need and how we must look. In the end, we all strike a balance between being our authentic selves and fitting in. We make accommodations here and there without compromising or denying our true selves. We cut our hair a certain way and dress a certain way, but this is shrubbery. Always make the distinction and never lose sight of your true self.

This time of change is temporary. Embrace it, don't stress. I really believe you will like the new you that emerges.

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