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Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:20 am

Hi my name is Carrie Franks I'm 30 years old and want to know a little about my love life. And a man named Valentine Ramon Garnett.

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Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:58 pm

I thought I had posted on your thread yesterday. Turning 30 is hard on a lot of people. You are no longer a kid, time to get on with building a life. Post a picture, one that shows your eyes, and I'll do a formal read for you.

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Sun May 09, 2021 2:34 pm

Hey Carrie! I flipped some cards and did a full reading for you, just posting it below:
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Sun May 09, 2021 2:35 pm

Hi Carrie!

First when I was shuffling the four of pentacles popped out. Especially when shuffling for a love reading, to me this is an indication of trying to hold onto things too tightly, too attached to outcomes, not surrendering control, etc. There would also be a sense of stress usually with this card in trying to "hold down the fort". There's some guidance here I think that this may be the biggest issue in love and the biggest thing to focus on letting go of: control, attachments.

I did a celtic cross reading for you, it seems to be usually a good overview scan of a situation to get some insight.

On the inside you're using all your powers of manifestation and attraction towards love. Kind of like the book The Secret if you're familiar (law of attraction). You have an internal dreamboard of what you'd like your ideal love to be, what type of mate you're trying to attract. So internally things are very deliberate, intentional. You have a plan. On the outside, you're expressing your emotions very sweetly and engaging in kind, warm, gentle emotional exchanges, but this card that comes up for how you're expressing yourself outwardly gives me the sense that maybe you're very clear with yourself and your intentions on the inside, and don't necessarily hide them, but... maybe try to express yourself outwardly in ways that are less powerful, less overt. On the inside you might have a very specific plan, but on the outside you offer a warm smile and not much more indication of what lies beneath. You're not being insincere, but there's something about hiding your power, or not fully owning outwardly to yourself out loud the things you want in life and love, as if other people are not supposed to see them and you're trying to offer them what you think would be the ideal behaviours, expressions, tone of voices, etc.

Basis of the issue is taking on way too much energetically. Taking on all energetic responsibility (10 of wands). You may very well be the type of person that because of how clear they are in their heart of the type of love they're trying to manifest, that when you do have a partner you do all the labour especially emotionally for both parties. All the responsibilities. This sort of thing. Single you may be the person that exhausts themselves trying to pursue every possible venue, trying to conjure every last possible energy trying to direct it towards your goal. There's something here about your love life's mirroring your love of yourself, that when you put yourself last and allow yourself to take on everyone else's baggage as well as your own you only get dragged down and the love life suffers. (Can't love another fully until you can love and be kind to yourself!!)

Recent past is the hermit, looking for answers solo. And especially being a trump card, I'm thinking this period of solitude has been more of a spiritual gate you've been passing through. Having to look within for answers, depend on the self, trust inner guidance. There's a purpose here, you're meant to reflecting, going inward right now.

Near future indicates boredom, but with the added indication that there's something you're missing, something you're ignoring. Be really careful right now with bitter attitudes. There's an indication here that you're leaning into the attitude of the grass is always greener, if only I had x... After a period of solitude it's easy to let your mind wander, and sometimes we focus on the wrong things and end up blinding ourselves to what might be right in front of us if we only looked. Don't cut this period of inner searching, of self-discovery, of self-love etc. short because you're getting antsy or bored with running solo. Love will come soon enough, but you have work to do first on you.

Self in this situation is Judgement, another trump card. Trump cards again being big soul lessons, formless universal concepts and truths each soul came to discover and learn. Judgement is the moment when you finally take that leap and allow yourself to face the inner darkness you've been avoiding. When this card comes up there's usually some inner change you've been putting off, afraid to make, and the time has come and you just can't put it off anymore. I think this is very much about attitude shifts, changing the perspective. Focusing on the self, but seeing this as a positive, a beautiful opportunity for growth and not a negative at all (such that when love does come, it will be all the more beautiful).

Others in this situation is Justice, which is usually just a neutral marker of cause and effect, karma, that what's happening might not always seem fair or nice (though it might!) but it's not about it being good or bad, it's just output of a previous input, a neutral reaction to a previous action, a ball bouncing back at you from the wall from a previous throw. This reading seems very much about attraction and manifestation for you, that your love life is really just an outward picture of an inner world, a mirror, and the people in your love life (partners) are really just finding you and returning energy to you that's been previously sent out. You're going to see the type of person that crosses your path radically change as you change the way you think about yourself and your life, the more you treat yourself with kindness and gentleness, the more you regard yourself lovingly.

Hopes and fears is two of swords, often what we want the most is simultaneously what we're most afraid of. You're very afraid of indecision, of non-movement, of being stuck, directionless, etc. I wonder if you sometimes... although indecision and stagnation scare you, you do spend a great deal of time in these spaces. Please don't take this as making the reading about me, but to help illustrate: I'm an artist, which means stepping into the unknown, facing fears. Often I can become so afraid of failing at making a song or picture for example that I'll become so overwhelmed with fear I need to shut down, go watch TV, hide away from the art. But this becomes a cycle as I obey fear each time it rises in me. It's not about the fear not being there, just observing and simply taking your power back by saying feeling you doesn't mean I have to listen to you. You don't have to resist either! You just don't have to always listen. I feel there may be times you get so afraid of heartbreak or rejection you never push yourself out of this space and keep yourself locked within.

The actual outcome of the situation at the moment and the potential outcome of the situation are one number off but very different. Ideally there would be a sense of reciprocity, of giving, that you would finally have someone to give to. Instead you're feeling more of a sense of being alone and locked out, and that does suck. But I'd again like to focus on some stuff here: Just because we feel something doesn't make it true. You're having an experience of loneliness, being locked out, etc., and that is very much your experience, but there is very real love and light all around you. Right now your mind is focussed on finding a mate, but there's so much attachment to outcomes, so much desire and fear of failure that you're creating an endless carrot before the horse situation, you'll keep yourself chasing your tail endlessly. You're not meant to be looking at others and worrying about them right now. This unfortunately is feeling like a bit of a time out when we're kids. But think of why they did that to us, they wanted us to think about things, to reflect. You have many negative associations surrounding being single, independent, uninvolved romantically and there's nothing wrong with any of these things! If you can lean into this experience a bit, not resist it but accept it, you're being given a chance to look at your perspectives and beliefs and really decide what's serving you.

I feel sort of awkward scanning someone else, but I'll explain my feelings on the guy you've asked about at least as they pertain to you. When I first read the question, I had the feeling that he could be another distraction of sorts, that he may be another attempt to avoid looking at beliefs you have about love and romance. When I flip cards for him, I don't get a bad sense, he may very well have a genuine connection with you and you guys may have a sense of "fitting" often. But there's at best some sort of detachment, aloofness, emotional distance. He may be very independent and not give much regard to how his actions are experienced by others. At worst, there is a feeling of pettiness (especially in verbal disagreements or when there's tension), the type of person that rubs it in your face when they're right or acts like a real princess when they happen to be wrong.

I'll also maybe finish by apologizing: I can be very direct, and I don't really believe in excessive sugar-coating. But take it all with a grain of salt! This is just what I feel. =)

Love and light Carrie, all the best to you. I hope this in some way helped.

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