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Poetry by CelticRose

Creative corner: a place to show off your talents.

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Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:34 pm

The Mystic Journey

Cherry trees blossom as the sunlit path weaves around
The corner of the snow-capped mountain’s crested hill
And while this sun-kissed path curves into a smile,
On it a guiding mystic travels, her barely silent footsteps
Journeys on, not wanting to be found, for fear her voice
Once heard would make her stop to make a sound

Angels, Oh, Angels, she would say in her mantra of positivity
Continue guiding me here and far away, through the difference
Of our lives, continue guiding me so that I can pray to help
Strangers realise that YES You are here and you exist!
And really, in reality, may anyone that hears your call
Feel gracious, humble and accepts you all
To be heartfelt as your heart has said, to relay
All that’s needed without fear being the root of honesty
But to shield you and them, both in love, trust, and perfect harmony

So this mystic walked far away off into the prospective night
And from her journeying, she realised, that life was not Life
Without living through the daylight, so from the storyteller on this morn’
Were very two different stories that were born, and both of which,
That told of an unwritten fable that was told to the worthy and the able
That spoke of a love as old as Father Time and which told of trust within
The Earth that never before had been fulfilled to a dream amongst many
That adjusted a new beginning and vision born unto one with the mystic
That walked beneath the sun

Yes, that mystic could be me, you, or even the male…
That sat in the corner with his brisket and ale
That could be doused with the sovereign of the moon
That could not be listening to his, hers, or your heart anytime soon
That could be suffering like you or them, but knowing when to tell someone
And when to be friends; safe in the knowledge that support is there
Is a voice of an earth angel or a medium who cares
And bringing these messages of love and joy through from our loved ones
That we pass from Spirit unto you, is part of the work that is forever true
To ourselves and our heart, in which Love always lasts!

Starry-eyed gazes alight upon us as we foretell of a journey
That restores the faith and the trust, with both parts of the story
As the earth-shattering truth encourages us through the night
As we revisit our family and look back at our youth
Peaceful Tears heal within as the heart is well-rested
Happy Tears heal again as the mind is well-bested
And the mystic has found a home; its the soul that lets her know
That even she has been tested….
But home will always be where the heart is
As mediums learn this too; its different from what it means to me
And it will be different again in what it means entirely to you

The blossom from the trees carries the Mystic’s voice in
As a gentling whisper on the wings of the wind
And its as this is translated, the Mystic’s word is fated
As the world awaits; their breath baited
The Mystic continues, her stride, belated

The blossoms fly on high peacefully on a journey from beyond the sky
And as we settle again to talk with friends, this journey has reached
A peaceful end, because that’s all that’s really need to be said
Fill your heart with love, but not with negative dread
Set aside your worries and cast your burdens be
Allow Angels, Mediums, Earth Angels to help you
And forever in your heart, be free…
To journey on forward to your destiny!

CelticRose 2017
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Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:35 pm

The Snow Queen

In a land of enchantment where Jack Frost has been
And frosted the countryside for the Queen
After prancing about with be-spelled feet
He seems to have picked up the magical beat
A beat that twists, twirls and spins around
Weaving a melody with notes that don't make a sound

And let me tell you this, ole friend, he will dance
This track until the bitter end, for its this song
That mankind brought in which thawed the Queen's hymn
As this Siren's song echoed in sorrow
The people here know that there's more tomorrow

So at night they sleep until the snow has fallen
And wait until morning when the sun has arisen
Until they know that the spell has stopped
And peace has shattered the Queen's call
For they know that peace will reign after all

Its in this fairy-like tale when snow is a-melting
And the magic of sunrise knows its helping
To thaw the fear within the old Queen's heart
Knowing the bewitchment that cannot last
Knowing that a new Queen has yet to be borne
Knowing that she's yet to become this Queen's thorn
As the snow vanishes, Old Wintertime's battle is won
And so starts the beginning of a new era
Where the old magic is undone

CelticRose 2017

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Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:38 pm

The Book of Wisdom

Featherlight and angel dust sparkles
As the scarlet ribbon rested firmly on the page
Wisdom is scattered within the words
As the page turns golden yellow with age

Dreams outnumbered, powers spent
As the woman inside you decided
Where it is that you are going? And
Why you did not decide to hide it?

Time gone by, stories a-muster
Feather light touches among angel wings
Gathered you around in divine love cluster
Of crystalline energies and shiny things

Where are you going, my lovely one?
Do you not think to read the signs?
Journeys awaiting so no hesitating
Make sure you read in between the lines

The army's approaching; hark the thunder
Of Hooves as their horses clatter around
The raindrops drizzling mask the sound
Of the incoming fury of the battle's noise

As they leave the page shrouded in dust
Knowing that trusting their comrades
Though is a must even while the journey
Itself can be tough

The story itself flourishes neatly
As the dark splurges of ink coordinate sweetly
As the words portray the story of old
They transform from thunder to crystallised gold

Truly my friend, my brother in arms,
Did you not think they were special?
As they fought courageously, and
As this scarlet ribbon is swept aside
The secrets are no longer secrets to hide

The words themselves transcended to ash
As the bodies be shells and their spirits rise
And the sounds of the battle no longer dispersed
And the spirits will mourn the loss of their men
But knowing quite wilfully their hosts will ascend
Into Heaven where their fight has ended eternally again
But a new beginning has blended so this is not the end

This story is eternally written in love
And sent from the Muse from the Goddess of Light
Now this writer can craft it as she stargazed at Night
But truthfully, this poem is one of the many that is heard
As the pen be-spelled the sword, word unto word
Some say the pen is more mightier than the sword in its defence
But I guess we won't be certain; although these words are
Heaven Sent

CelticRose 2017

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Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:34 pm

My Castle of Dreams

When an infamous writer told stories in rhyme
That mentioned an ancient country with a castle in mind
But as the mythical mysteries were passed along
Through generation to generation as time moved on
No longer was the tale kept alive
But rumour has it, one was revived
And this is the tale that did survive!

* * *

One November morning at first light
Just after the sunrise engulfed the Autumnal night
The wan sunlit rays alighted on the sea
But perhaps I should've realised then
That my journey wasn't truly meant to be
But hindsight, as the sailors say is only half and half
Sometimes if the foolish words that have been spoken
Only a fool could have the lasting laugh!

So its on this day my quest truly started
And I boarded the galleon ship known as the Dragon
(If only I'd known then as wisdom parted
Then I'd be still alive but broken-hearted!)
As the Dragon departed from the shore
Leaving me and my crew still breathing
As we prayed that the turbulent of waves would be
All that we ever saw

As night fell, our ship drifted across the ocean deep
Crewmen remained amongst us keeping vigilante watch
For pirates, while the rest of us fell asleep
The ocean seemed calm again, as though
It had never been turbulent before
But there was always room for trouble yet
Except, I would rather not think about it anymore.

A few days hence the warning came
Another ship had been seen, even though
Distance was safely put in-between
As the rebels took it on themselves
To attack this vessel of English pride
The captain actually took me aside
And told me that I should hide, if
I wanted to reach the city with the castle soon
He would grant me a special boon

Courage was what I took with me as I thought
With the will to survive it as I was taught
The rebels themselves took our crew
No women among us, just me and you.
Our vessel breathed fire as much as it could
Before we could abandon ship though the rebels caught us
And then the Dragon was burned to dust
And the rebels, which we knew that we shouldn't trust
Taught us that discipline was indeed a must!

The Captain himself showed us justice
as well as how to trade with local folk
over a period of time
and it would seem that the story itself is actually true
that the sea swirled around the city taking it down
and the city itself became a derelict town
the castle, still standing is built in the sand
and not even the storm would wear it away
for it still stands as the castle of dreams to this very day

I questioned the story of old
That has been lost over centuries not foretold
By the ancestral parties and over generations before
Transformed into a legendary myth, but nothing more
The Rebel Leader and Captain rose to walk out of the door
Pointing that this Castle of Dreams
And the old city was indeed on the oceanic floor
Lost to Eternity forever more

It was better to leave things as they were meant to be
It was better to not dwell in the past
But to be in the present and make good things last
Be thankful for what you have and be satisfied with that
For you never know, in an instant, when death is your friend
And you may never know when you could live your life again
But one thing is for certain now even with this illusion
The story itself that eludes me further and this is my conclusion.

The Castle of Dreams that my soul had sought
Was no more than a castle built in sand
Which could be crafted and built by my own hand
The hands of fate could not be changed
As I needed to explore, but without calling the Captain by his name
To find out for myself what this myth was about
As well as trust in the answer, which gave me no doubt
That this tale has surfaced at the right time
And the tale of the Dragon has changed its name
To a shorter version that I wanted to call
My Castle Of Dreams

Which I hope will indeed enlighten us all
And remind us that life is not always as it seems
But to remember the wisdom conveyed within
Not to live like a pirate and dwell with sin
But to appreciate joy and merriment to share
With friends and laughter from here without a care
With love entwining us as we remember the written word
Knowing the answer and our voice has been heard
Knowing that the questions indeed are no longer asked
Or the next generation has either been tasked
With discovery of the castle of dreams
For Everyone's Home is a Castle - Our Castle
It seems!

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ABT Team
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Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:02 pm

Great poems, Celtic!! I enjoyed them all very much, but my favorite is My Castle of Dreams. Thanks for sharing them.
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ~ William Shakespeare

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Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:19 pm

No worries LunaSee, thanks for reviewing them. These are all writes found in my folders on my computer. I did write them earlier this year with my faery guide - she usually brings these in and the inspiration for them. Its also a form of automatic typing, that I use to write them. If I don't write them down straight away, the work is lost or abandoned.

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Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:47 pm

Journey of An Earth Angel

As your earth angel wings unfold into a loving embrace
And your energies of spirit are blessed with grace
And as you step onto your path, where old love once lost is
Now in the past

Its to you that I grant this joyful wish
That you and your loved ones’s dreams be doused with bliss
Happiness shower you at every turn and may your gentleness
That may help you further on your quest, but soothe your soul to
Be beautiful, in a humble way so that you can help someone else
And brighten up their uneventful day

May goodness come from the deeds you do
May your heart’s word and intent always be true
And as you continue to help, to do what’s right
May you embrace the future with all your might

And now as I continue with this verse
Assuring all that there is a chance to be heard
To be helped unconditionally, when there is no catch
To be accepted intentionally where justice is just that
To be productive, and reborn where success is foretold
And to be motivated to continue your journey of old
And to infuse words with love for stories that are sold

If the intent is there and the heart’s in the right place
Then you know you can only go your own way at your own pace
Its best if you listen to your higher self, but not to discount
What you feel, for you are keeping it right but keeping it real!

And may reality-check in with you occasionally
To ground and anchor you indefinitely, by sharing love
Trust and wisdom to those few, it acknowledges peace
And its existence too, we can not ask for anything but
Impart wise knowledge from me unto you
And may you find the answers you seek
In your mind and in your physique
In your awareness and healing the soul
And may you believe in the heart’s word
Before the truth is soon heard…

Believe in your sense of self and happiness too
And these words I direct from me onto you
For its by sharing this poem that I know what’s right
And its by sharing these words that are infused with light
May your fearfulness and worry be vanquished aside
And may your brightness of self show joyfulness inside
Even though many of us have wisdom to share
And maybe its enough to encourage you to see how you fare
Perhaps its just enough that you know that somebody cares!

As you embark onto a new journey of positivity without further ado
And you are embraced lovingly by perfect friendship and harmony
From those around you, may you surround many in this love and light
And may it see you safely through your on-going fight
Even if some days it feels like everything is insane
Maybe it might help you to know this is the same!

But by shifting the perspective, it may not be quite so mundane
To know the difference between what you can and can’t change
To know the difference between tonight and tomorrow
And to quell the feelings of misery and sorrow
By shining your inner light beneath the moon,
You know that tomorrow may come all too soon
But at least that way you will have made the choice
And at least this way your feelings are voiced

Smile away! For a smile is worth gold!
Verses unwritten need not be told
And earth angel, be blessed, for your path is clear
Sweep away doubts and disperse your fears
For we of Spirit Guides and Angels may cleanse away
Your sorrowful tears and surround you in angelic light
So that you can learn how to decide for you what’s right
May you learn how to be someone else’s guide as well
May you listen to your heart’s word and all that’s said
May your path be heartfelt and mind be spiritually, at ease
No longer feeling the urge to release
Those old emotions that cannot be shared, now forgotten
As your new self has dared to journey on into a new reality
And you can now find it in yourself to be free!

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Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:51 pm

wow Rose! Thanks so much for sharing these! They are so magical, and indeed, as you mentioned, they paint a story w/ words.
absolutely beautiful!
"Yesterday I was naive and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and want to change myself.' -Rumi

Always learning....

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Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:06 pm

Hi hopeful, thanks for your kind words of wisdom there :)

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Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:19 pm

Just love the natural gait of cadence inspiring a depth of soulfelt spirituality.

Beautifully written CelticRose.



CelticRose wrote:
Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:34 pm

The Mystic Journey

On it a guiding mystic travels, her barely silent footsteps
Journeys on, not wanting to be found, for fear her voice
Once heard would make her stop to make a sound

And the mystic has found a home; its the soul that lets her know
That even she has been tested….
But home will always be where the heart is
As mediums learn this too; its different from what it means to me
And it will be different again in what it means entirely to you


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