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Protection: Basics

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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:22 pm

Of the most basic things, this often gets the most overlooked.

For beginning purposes, I usually stick with two. And, over the years, these are the two I've ever really relied on in Astral. Basic protection spells will close this out.

When venturing out or feeling something around that does not need to be, there are two basic steps you can take.

1) Warding.

To ward is to put up a sphere of protection around you. This sphere, make sure you make it mirrored (on the outside). You can make it clear or foggy, but mirrored makes it harder to detect by those looking. This is all controlled by your intent. Your will and energy make it strong.

I have had this hit and smashed. It is uncrushable. And a near cure-all.

2) Multiply

This is more than basic and requires practice, but is worth knowing. The mind is our only true limits. One of its many tricks is that it can split, as can your astral self. Down side, split too much, you never come fully back--so I urge caution on your attempts at this and the extent you go. I, myself, have lost a few parts to this. Please, do not make that mistake, too.

To multiply, simply project more than one of you into the situation or surroundings. Or, you can put to mirrors to help the numbers. Which is the sole point of this. Most beings/entities do not wish to take on a pack or an army.

More than one part allows for them to move independently. (watch out how many you make, you have to call them back when you are done)

Mirrors do not need to be recalled, but, their tell is that all move the same. (not many entities will care, it is still a numbers game).

Basic protection casts (spells and send outs):

Salt. Pure, simple, get the blue box and pour it until you're happy, salt.
You can pour it around you, your room, bed, house (have sealed inside and out my own when need be), and add it to boiling water to charge it with intented energy (makes holy water). I call the ancestors when making holy water, but you can use the title/name of your god. If you believe it, it will be real! 100%

Sage is also a good idea. Light and call your god(s), guides, ancestors. Declare your intent clearly and willfully (know your intent always before you start). This is will help cast out/away and banish any ill-intented energies. Make sure EVERY CORNER gets the smoke--including bookcases. Every. Corner. Negativity loves to gather in it.
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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:16 pm

Great ideas there Shadow,

I agree when smudging the corners and hidden spaces need you say, energy collects in the corners

I seal outside with salt - well, outside and along all doorways

Love the idea of charging the water, just came to mind that Reiki can be used to charge places/water/gemstones

I like the idea of the multiplying, never tried that.

Thanks for sharing
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Unread post Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:10 pm

I was told to post for help due to an attachment throughout my life and wondering who to ask for help please? that has followed me from home to home, nightmare, infact horrific nightmares and always pushing people from my life as to isolate me and make people leave my life. shakes things when I was dating and locked ex i bathroom im not complaining that was useful. just he never calms down enough to let me find someone nice. he justs ends ba dpeople towards me instead and it was school ullies who used ouija boards and mirror scrying I walke dinto it they thought it was funny I saw him and...from then on issues.

dreams of a portal 2 attatched to him and myself with black nails from it going into my bed finger nails something is wrong as keep seeing him stronger and slamming things about.

in class they would sit with ouija outside playground lunch and do that till hea dof school made them burn them all. yet it continued they would still use them even at uni to bully me. just thought funny called me a weirdo as im eccentric and so did that to torment me. I hated them for it still ...feel hassled by them and they probably still do this to me even to this day as bad neighbors who slam kick bang things to tryt o force me out of the apartment. im pretty sure this is his doing. sinc eive tried smudging the spirt out ive received bad neighbors a flea infestation that arrived from nowhere liek bermuda triangle across flat, no reason for it.

and what specifics I need to give for advice please thank you

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Unread post Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:54 pm

Ice, ty for posting, but would get better coverage if posted as its own thread on this board.
When I am gone and all light is lost, you will see me again...

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Unread post Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:20 pm

Only a pure of spirit can protect you from the dark. But that's far from simple to become. I might make a topic how to. However, it's gonna be mostly "what to be" to be a pure of spirit, than a "how to" topic. A pure of spirit is Archangel (Lightbearer) level.

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