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Unread post Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:00 am

hello i'm Mary i would love if someone can give me a reading of my picture. i been going through a lot and i need to know whats my future is and if my life is going to get better and who's going to be in my life and and if i'm going to have a financial blessing and if i'm going to have anymore children????

The Captain
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Unread post Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:44 am

Mary, life happens as you believe it will happen. But you don't really think that any good things are going to come to you, do you? You feel helpless and almost hopeless to do anything or get anywhere. I feel you are expecting a lot but should start small so that your confidence builds up with small successes. Or do some small little loving things for yourself instead of for everyone else. Treat yourself even if money is short. You see the Universe responds to the messages we give out - if for example you hang onto what money you have, you give out the message "My money is stagnant and not moving" so the Universe thinks you have enough. But if you give it freely to help others (not spending it on frivolous stuff that you don't need) the Universe sees your money moving around and will keep on replacing it. And you shouldn't think about having more children until you have started taking better care of yourself. Always putting others before yourself is not selfless - it's just saying "I don't matter! it's only other people who matter." That would be an awful message to pass onto any new baby too. You can look after yourself AND other people too - there is plenty of love and care to go around. Mary, it's time you made yourself happy since it is clear from your photo that you are not. What are your personal goals apart from your family?

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Unread post Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:26 am

You will have children..regardless:) Do you currently work w the elderly? I thought that may be a connection.. a (stepanie) that helps?/ funny the things or objects i get.. last chevy.
Means nothing to me but could to u my friend:)

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Unread post Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:00 pm

Hi Mary


The first thing to strike me when I connect to your picture is connecting to health conditions you have found are/ have been setting you back. I feel within the next year these will clear up a lot for you, it's about finding a specialist who is suitable. I hope this makes sense to you.
I feel a lot of sadness from your picture, you are deeply missing a parent. I want you to know that your parent is close by, you can trust the signs that have been shown by Spirit...
I feel you are naturally a mother figure. To many
There are many who see you and look up to you as a guardian. And that will never change. I feel as though a little boy will meet with you in the future. I wonder if this will be in form of a grandchild :)

Am I right in saying that one of your children is distant from you? I thought I would ask before going forward with this, I feel as though one of your children is very distant (this is shown to me visually) and i'm unsure on the meaning. Could this be they are geographically far from you, or would you understand another meaning? please get back to me on this one. :) As I wouldn't want to come to conclusions in thought.

Financial blessings? -- I see a slow, steady increase in gain. I feel that it will take longer hours at work, though the extra work is going to pay off. Quite literally.. I feel as though debts (current and past) are holding you back but these will soon be cleared... that's shown to me clearly. I feel as though mutual agreements will be made, for you to move along financially. I get the feeling as though you've had quite some time of giving/paying out and not much gain. It will change, 100%. The debts are the obstacles... but you're going to overcome them. :o)

You have definitely been going through a lot Mary, that's clear to see. So much so, I will be coming back to this with another read for you.. i'd like to give you a totem reading if I may.. I hope you realize you are guided and will continue to be guided to make the right choices. Don't give up, you are a light to others. I would agree with a previous post that mentions it's time for you to make yourself happy.. it really is needed now, more than ever. You deserve 10 times over what you have been giving out.. you give so much. It's time for Mary to be happy now.. and you can do this. All I will say is be mindful of those around you .. You have a lot of healing coming & to keep the energy up (positive changes) and for them to last-- you're going to need to be surrounded by those friends who will not be bringing more drama or stress into your life. But those who love you , care, and give back just as much as you have given to them. :o) for now, whilst you feel alone in all of this.. (and whilst it's true, some may have vanished ) see this time as one of self-healing and self-love. Your confidence has been knocked and so has your faith, but out there, others notice the good you do, the positive things you bring. The hard work that you do. And yes.. I see you being rewarded for it all.. reaping the rewards of the past few months/years. Your turn will come. Focus on you
Accept the positive that's coming
And when it comes to loved ones not reaching out to you... know that it's not your fault at all.. you gave and gave and loved and do not take this personally . Stand firm. You are in the right.

Hope this helps you Mary. I'm keeping you in prayers and we're here if you have any more questions you'd like us to focus on... i'll be back on later to do your animal totems

Take care,

Sam j
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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