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Poetry by CelticRose

Creative corner: a place to show off your talents.

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Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:26 pm

The Violinist- Inspired by this Video

The lilting melody resonates
As the violinist strums his way
Into motion, hauntingly familiar,
The opening, eeerie notes playing
For the first time ever, performing
And its not the melody that spellbindingly
Lifts the audience,
its not the music that holds them
Its the smile of joy that leaves
The violinist with a twinkle
That illuminates his eyes
Alighting his expression
As though, he knows exactly
What's coming next!

As the melody expands and grows
With the golden ribbons that intertwine
Within the silver notes that dance
Collectively around his feet, which
Prance around accordingly to
The music's almost hidden beat.
The rhythmic's voice whispers subtly
In-between the bars and the violinist can tell
The change of melody from afar
As the next musician stumbles in with
A much more graceful sound of a electric guitar

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Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:40 pm

A little verse I wrote for the line dancers over the weekend.

Swirling, twirling, colours in time
Elegant numbers, twisted in rhyme
Synchronised steps of a dance of old
Melodic harmonies of a story retold
The sound that carries over the seas
Line dancers that wear hearts on their sleeves

Hats raised in salute with eloquent charm
As a flurry of dancers take to the floor, bringing
Back 'Just A Memory' of what we are here for!
Diamante dancers are out for the night!
Sparkly shoes - what an incredible sight!

Everybody giggling and having fun
Words of encouragement, "More!" For everyone!
Until we depart into the sun
May our feet be worn out as
We do the very last one!

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Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:55 pm

Awww, Nice Poetry!

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Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:42 am

A warrior reborn

As the veil of silver water falls over the crevice
And whooshes its way in descent as a stream
Of Light, notice where the warrior is standing
His stance, ever so prepared to fight
But he’s not fighting, he’s protecting
Protecting the one that’s right
And as the sword whips out ruthless in its flight
Divides the air around him in slight
As he stands there vigilantly, nothing amiss
From his goal that is in sight
And the knowledge from that goal is hidden,

A cautious footfall steps closer, though
It could be a friend for all we know
Though doubtless a friend would make more noise
If they are treading carefully in the snow
Awareness settles in, skating along the skin
All the signs are there as we are trembling within
But its that point of momentum along with
The quietness of the night that seizes the moment
As the birds around take flight; though
It is the instant reaction of this warrior
To stand still as the inspiration reignites

As he stands fearlessly, looking at the challenge
Before him, he knows deep down inside, and does
Not try to hide, the mustering of courage deep within
He listens intently, focusing on the sheen of sweat
That drops from the silence around him
As he abandons the thought of fear and becomes
At One with his kin

The enemy is not an enemy, nor is it a foe or anything
The enemy is a friend of a friend, who is an ally
Aligning the knowledge of this within his stride
Be at peace with the friendship that’s drifted;
But take your lesson from it and be at this friends’ side
For in it you’ll find the wisdom that seeks not to hide
And if it feels amiss within; then chances are that there is
But know that the warriors’ truth is vital as his feeling
that there is nothing further there amiss

And as this warrior and his kin stand together amongst many
They will battle side by side; yet not receiving any,
Form of shoulder on shoulder support from all around
They are watching and observing and hoping to be found
His kin may not come from many places; it may not
Be recognisable as kin from high and low, favourable faces
But this warrior’s word is as good as someone else’s
Those two are inseparable; like brothers and sisters;
Family members of the soul; though the connection is there
To learn from, or to teach us, that a life has been spared
All because somebody out there is someone who cared

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Wed May 08, 2019 2:03 pm

Truth both Ways
Love is Selfless,
Selfish is Suffering
Surrender is Helpless
Following is Hovering
Hope is Trust
Knowing is Truth
Peace is Just
Learning in Youth
We is All
Death is Transition
Faith to Fall
Focus is Ambition
Ways both Truth
Embrace Life, Love Everyday

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Tue May 21, 2019 6:38 pm

Thanks Nameless :o)
Here's another write That I did over the weekend

The colours dance gently around
Disco Lights swaying not making a sound
Everyone stepping in and out of time
Conscious footwork, knee deep in line
When a track comes on, one that we know
A cheer goes up that its Celtic Duo
Collection for raffle, a pound in the cup,
All donations go to the Heroes of War
Leaving us all to contemplate and be very sure
Of the choices we make to align with our steps
And in time to the beat to help us move our own dancing feet
Encore! Encore! We want some more!
I hear the crowd cry as we dance to the end
May our lives be blessed and may our worries disperse
May we be prepared next time we rehearse
May we learn to conquer the trials and fears
That we've encountered in dancing over the years
A holiday is a holiday, so what more can I say?
We'll see everyone soon as its the beginnings of a new day,
Maybe, just maybe, we'll feel better after breaking our fast,
and sleep away the hours until our next class.

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Tue May 28, 2019 5:01 pm

The King Of Hearts

When the King of Hearts and his Queen of Spades rides on ahead,
And I sit waiting, my heart filled with dread, I hear the battling cry, adieu!
Adieu! Each man killed is another soul due, every soul is to give to Death
Word of the wounded is whispered amongst the fallen few
Of bodies scattered amongst the field of red,
each one craving their last breath, each one calling out for mercy,
Others with tears of pain that haven’t been wept
away with every passing moment or hour…

I stand tall, foolishly proud, caught
In a spectrum of untapped power
Watch, as she, the witch, reminds me of Joan Of Ark,
I watch from my perch, as I gaze through the dark
I can see her soul, crying ruthlessly out in pain,
When pride comes before a fall and no mercy is gained.
As they’ve captured my family all over again
As this conflict causes much speculation
This siege, this battle for Democracy, the winner of all,
For the Crown and its right... and as I turn to glance
To look out at the night; my knowledge reflects
To look forward into the light

My uncle used to tell me the not so charms of the King
He knew him through a time when good was surviving
He wouldn’t tell me about his life; but kept going on
And on about the crimes against his wife

When he was good person, not seduced by temptation
When he was a good sovereign, and not limited by treason
When he stood up for himself and all the right reasons
Democracy! Bah! Who would have thought?
Who would have convinced them on the stories they taught?

When I hear that, I know I’m in with a chance
As I wrestle with truth questioning my stance
I have no conviction with every thought in tow
I lean forward and reach for my uncle’s pet boa.

What kind of man keeps a snake in his home?
No man I know, unless, of course, he wishes to go.

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Thu May 30, 2019 4:51 pm

When all we have is crumbled in peril
All four pillars will stand as one
When war rages on, soldiers fallen
Depression becomes suppression into
A song that weaves its way through the battle
Down over the Southern fields to the stone table
When legends of old are outnumbered
Wounded souls become wary and lost
Try to live a balanced medium, remember your path
When you’ve made it livable; remember it
When you’ve gotten to the best, the challenge is
Putting your strengths and weaknesses both to the test
To the West and the crown of the gentle mountains
The Northern Slopes and hills on high
Be watchful, be mindful of all surroundings
Including the beloved midnight sky

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Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:47 am

You are an amazing poetess <3

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Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:37 pm

You know Sun92, that last one? I can't remember writing it but it must have been co-created.

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