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True spirituality is actually science

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Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:35 am

I know the word "spirituality" originally refers to "spirits". But today I see people say it's about doing light work.

What is science about? Just to test how things work. Imagine if you'd be a very small kid and you have never seen a gas balloon. Now if you'd be asked the question then, will this balloon go up or down? How would you know? It's magic but only until you learn the details behind all that.

What makes you think you should not question everything else just like the gas balloon? Why have faith?

But I have to say that even who trust in science are no different. Because they never test it for themselves. If you believe in science or religion/spirituality there's actually no difference. You're only different if you test it yourself!

A scientist however can be anybody. You only have to follow the rules. You can only have faith in that what you maybe get the result you want!

I can only say that religion and faith is false hope. You're gambling. That's what you're actually doing. Just in case have faith in it? There's no such thing. And what if they're false and evil? Did you think about that?

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Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:20 am

Psychics and mediums can use evidence based feed back from sitters to help understand what is truth and false from the information they receive through their faculties. Picking up information accurately and getting it to a person correctly through ones filters in a way they can understand isn't perfect and difficult to duplicate. I think psychic faculties exist but are difficult to display as a science unless one views the big picture instead of reproducible results which are difficult to verify and can seem hit or miss, or incorrect but may later become known as correct. There is a lot to it but that's the gist I think. I also base my knowledge on evidence and what I've figured out through trial and error, kind of like science but not exactly. Science is awesome in general but not without its flaws. Any who that's my 2 cents on the subject :)

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