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The answers will come just keep looking inward and trusting your instincts.

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Thank you! ❤

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you are standing at a crossroads wondering which way to go
you are questioning your path and your surrounding situations and your own faith, innate ability to listen
to your intuition and your gifts you have been blessed with , you are empathetic as well
your heart is in the right place but yet you feel lost and weary to the point of disconnected
you have spent so much time searching for answers that actually, what you are searching for,
you've confused yourself along the way, know that confusion is similar to doubt and is second thoughts
so set the initial confusion away and trust ALWAYS in your first thought(s) raise your head high and move forwards, focusing on the future, not on the past

you are kind in nature of yourself and compassionate but have been through so much hardship
that it has truly clouded your way of thinking and introspection, you can see pain that you have gone through
and are shouldering still, you need to let it wash over you if its not yours to feel, ask for it to lift if its empathy,
let it go entirely, and give your fears to the angels so that they can sort through your worries at this moment in your journey

you have a lot to give but yet you aren't giving it because you don't know yourself well enough yet to be able to offer back to the community, once you find you and i mean your real true higherself sense of you, you will be able to connect with your higher self and be more in tune of what your soul is looking for and wants or needs. your soul family too will also find you, in terms of long-lasting friendships that will help, not hinder you, in the process of development. you have come to the right place though we can only assist you in finding answers, the road ahead is clear for you to go forwards with your dream direction.

next rune - pertha

there's a coolness with this rune also a light and airy feeling indicating that you need clarity and insight as much as you need more grounding and healing on the physical body. you need to let go your tension and stress and release them to the point of so that they don't allievate your feelings further or cloud your thinking.
there is also the word of freedom to give to you too, you are searching for freedom from situations that have made you feel trapped inside your own circumstances, life is not a bed of roses, but you know that, you also know when to take time out to scent them and just relax/go with the flow of things as well but don't carry them into your future as present/past burdens.

last rune - dagaz - home

you are laying down your roots and foundations where you want to be in five years time or even a couple of years, you are weary yes but the weariness feelings will indeed pass as will the loneliness that you are feeling at this moment in your journey, there is a situation around you which money is somehow involved, financial situation which you are looking at now, you need to calm yourself down as you are working yourself up worrying about the little things in life that build up, there is a decision in relation to this you are pondering about finding the movement to move on, you need to take a deep sigh of breath and let it out so that you relax some more and meditate to calm your own self down when it feels rushed or busy, take time out to re-stock and assess your surroundings, the people in it, those you trust and those you don't trust, let them go their own path to walk. you need to look back at your roots and find out where you've come from, you can do this via meditation and actively listening to your higher self as she knows best. trust in your heart and in the wisdom you have to offer others. you will get there the moment you find your home and soul family, they will show you the way forwards. :thinktank:

Peace & Blessings- Carissima

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I am in awe. Thank you so much for your kindness and doing this for me! You are truly very very talented. Thank you❤

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Welcome :o) happy to help in any way I can and practice the new set of runes. thank you for sitting :)

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