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Help with silencing thoughts

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For the past 3 weeks, I've had a problem with my thoughts being sent out to other people who are psychically receptive to them. These thoughts consist of visualizations and subvocalizations as far as I know. People who are receptive to it claim that what I've been doing was comparable to saying things out loud with visualizations. In other words, they claim I say these things "out loud". I was thinking I've had problems with telepathy, but I don't believe it is because I never intentionally send them out to a specific person - people just happen to be able to hear and/or receive my silent thoughts.
I want these thoughts to not be heard by everyone as I want to have my privacy. No one wants to help me because they think I'm an asshole or they hate me.
Please someone help. I'm begging you this thing has ruined relationships I've wanted to maintain because a select few could hear my silent thoughts and receive my visualizations.
Any advice through any means is appreciated. If possible, please contact my spirit guide to help me give guidance or ask someone who's psychic to help me out. Please.

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Hello fracxx
i do not know why there is only one post here and no replies. I do not know who, if anyone is monitoring this site. I see this, "site admimistrator, steve" but when i try to link i get message "site administrator disabled". ???
Perhaps this site is another trap in the matrix. ? Who is steve?
The key maker???
Anyway, my torment of "inner" voices lasted many years.
I was crazy, aggressive,addicted,suicidal.
Even got the baker act (psych hospital)
My escape, my freedom, my passage through the veil occured through medication. Something i never wanted. I took the matrix pill. I ecaped. I awoke.
now i know all those voices were EXTERNAL. I was the conduit, radio tower, lightning rod, communications center.
now i have the control, the power.
i change the station. I turn off the radio. I control the volume.
Peace Love Prosperity

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allow me to tell u the truth . everyone has tells it doesn't take a psychic to see them . sometimes what we are experiencing are written in our mood our face etc. every human can pick up on a bit of empath. I wouldn't be to concerned with it . I also think that u might be a bit paranoid to think ppl are reading ur thoughts, it comes from some kind of rooting insecurity in your self if u think that dude. if u were to say I met one person who could read my thoughts then I would say ah . . . but ppl don't go around reading ur thoughts lol come on now . address the delusion in your mind before it becomes something more toxic this I urge u to do .

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This is empathy.
You can ask mind chatter to step back as an entire entity and ask them to step back.
You ought to know by this point that you are in control of your entire being and who / what
you let into your awareness. So respectfully, they will step back per your request.

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I get from your post that you are doing visualizations that people are picking up on and it makes them angry with you. Is that accurate? I think if it is accurate, you are using visuaslization to move others to do what you want for an outcome, rather than visualizing yourself in a desired situation. In that case I could understand people being angry with you.

Now, if you want privacy, you need to practice certain things before you visualize, but those things will not work if you are visualizing others doing something they don't want to do. Learn how to surround yourself with white light to begin. When you can do that the next step will come to you.

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