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How is Magic Supposed to Work?

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Wed May 03, 2017 5:00 am

i'd like an answer to this question. i did an internet search but all the good info is buried under a lot of crap websites. i got on this track because i was just looking at a thread that mentioned spells. i know the basics of the paranormal that a lot of people know, and a lot of people don't know - God, Fate (fundamentalist Christianity explains the phenomena underlying this belief differently; God does not have a plan but intervenes often in the world - it's the same basic idea), spirits. so i'm not a total paranormal noob i'm just curious about magic.

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Sat May 13, 2017 12:39 am

okay, i found a book from my sister by Eric Maple. so far it is really helpful and the author definitely knows what he's talking about. i have some thoughts, i'll post here again with my review of the book and subject matter.

edit1: i guess there is a question, what is the supernatural without God's influence? personally, i would not want to live in such a world but it is an interesting thought experiment. hmmm....

edit2: here's the book: ... ok/7255512

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Mon May 15, 2017 12:13 am

my conclusion is that, besides the overlap with traditional psychic domains, such as the law of attraction or communicating with spirits, witchcraft is all in the head and DOESN'T work. the laws of science and of the supernatural as well were not well understood so people relied on superstition to navigate their world basically. this still goes on today actually.

i don't understand everything about the world of psychic phenomenon. for example i think i have a spirit attachment (i am haunted by a spirit) but i don't know how that works. a while ago i tried several different things to try to get rid of the spirit, but they didn't work. i think it was God's will that i have this spirit attachment. i think a lot of things happen because it is God's will or fate. i wish i could explain how fate works at a higher level but i cannot. and i could go on and on ... i don't understand how God works, or how spirits work besides how to communicate with them, and i don't think it's important anyways. the book i mentioned is definitely worth reading. to be spiritual it's as important knowing what NOT to believe in as much as to know what is really out there.

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Tue May 23, 2017 10:37 pm

This is how it was explained to me many years ago...
Magic is very similar to energy work. You set an intention (usually to enact change) and you direct energy in that direction to increase the odds of the intention coming to be. In the case of magic though, unlike energy working, the intention isn't enough, there is also desire, will and truth. Magical energy is significantly closer to 'source' and therefore will react to the baseline of those aspects rather than the up-to-date/ in-the-moment intention. In other words, it is not highly personalised the way ,say, chakra energy, is. For example.... money;
You put together a spell to funnel energy through so you can have more money.... but your desire is to lead a simple life, your will isn't about having money (but spending it) and the truth is that you reject commercialism and dislike the social dependency on money- thus your 'spell' is unlikely to work, and if it should it is probable that the results will be far different than the original intention.
The role of crystals, herbs, tools and chants is to help to pull the magical energy up from the baseline and refine your purpose thus increasing the odds of everything going acording to plan.
Learn from the past
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