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Spiritual Cleansing Help Please

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Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:18 am


I'm very glad to have the opportunity to be here with you all and possibly get some help for this burning question I have.

These past 8-9 years have been rough for me full of ups and downs (I'm not talking about the normal stuff). I've worked with a few different people over these years to cleanse this added darkness and negativity that has attached to my life. During the experience I would think progress is made but in the long run it doesn't. The next experience ends up being the same. I'll run across a psychic that says you have dark energy or negative energy following you, doesn't want you to succeed, you need to get ride of it. So I pay the price (if I can which isn't often as of late) and do what they say. Next thing you know it's years later back to square one.

I have tried a few rituals and candle lighting to reverse this energy on my life but no success that I know of. What lead me to my question and here today is my experience from today. Saw a free reading. Called the number. Loved the reading which was all accurate! She said your life is hard and full of crap people and negative energy doesn't want you to succeed. She said I need spiritual help and I agree. But is there anyway I can do it myself??? She said no. Someone has to do the cleansing for me. Is this true?????

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Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:04 am

do you have any abilities that could be attaching to you? It depends on the type of negative attachments some you can do yourself others you would need someone to cleanse for you. is it attached to you or your house?

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Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:28 pm

There is a LOT you can do for yourself.

There are many, many good books out there about spiritual cleansing, and protection, and many may also be available to purchase on-line via kindle etc. If you've ever participated in seances etc. it could be that you drew a low-level negative energy to yourself. If/when you feel a negative presence, say over and over "I proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and in His name I command you to be gone from me, and go towards the light". If you feel it's attached to the house, a Spiritualist Church may perform a "spirit rescue" for you. If it's attached to you, to to a Spiritualist Church and ask for help with moving it on.

Pray to whatever "God" you believe in, and ask your Spirit Guides to make themselves known to you, and learn how to protect yourself, otherwise commonly known as "white lighting" yourself. Learn to meditate and, most of all, do not ever participate in spiritual activities unless you're 100% sober and protected i.e. never engage in seances or such with friends for a night's entertainment 'coz it sure as heck ain't no poker game! Love and light.

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Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:28 pm


I read with interest your post and firstly forward to you love and light along with my brightest blessings. If I had a£1/$1 for every time I heard someone tell a person in your situation that there is a bad/dark/negative energy attached to them. In some cases this may indeed be true, but when money is mentioned it does raise an eyebrow ! As the other replies mentioned there are many ways in which you can protect yourself, cleanse yourself and your surroundings. Believe it or not without any spirit or entity involvement modern lifestyle, hectic day at work, bad drive home, chores to do when you get home, can cause an imbalance in your OWN energy fields. This can easily be sorted very easily, something yu can do yourself. There are a variety of ways, you don't need special equipment in most cases and more to the pint you do not need to part with any money !

I first realised I was spiritually aware from the age of 6, I joined the spiritual church at 16 and started doing the development classes, after the 1st class, got moved straight into the second development class. After second class in a deep meditation, I went into trance and started speaking in fluent latin (which I never studied ay school), my face completely changed and when I came out of trance, I thought I had just fallen asleep lol

I am a spiritual, reiki, shamanic healer / teacher, but believe in teaching others for no charge, helping other human beings is in my d.n.a. ! I also can do distant reiki and would do that for anyone on here.

I do have a few questions as I have connected to spirit and the way I work, my guides put me as I am you so I feel, sense what you are doing around this situation. I am aware of a few things, not quite as sinister as you perhaps think. I never will do a reading on an open message as it may contain personal or information not for everyone's eyes,.

I will send you the reading, I am newly registered on here so don't know if I can send private messages or not.

Brightest Blessings


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