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Tarot, astrology, rune, palm, numerology, face, aura and more..

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Mon May 15, 2017 7:23 am

For the people that aren’t able to work with the clouds, depending on where you are, Or if you aren’t cloud-friendly, and there is no clouds where you are, we can use ribbons to connect. For the people wishing to work with clouds… ground and protect if you aren’t already for your peace of mind as much as my own - in the way that sits comfortably right with you….

then, take a moment or two to still your mind, light a candle if you wish…. put on relaxing music to help you relax…… quieten your mind by either asking the mind chatter to step back by envisioning it all in a bubble of moonlight, which in turn will clear it… ask for your guides to send it back into the light so that it can be transmuted to positive to keep your mind free and peaceful….


you are walking along a golden-stone slabbed path
and as this path winds around a meadow, filled with lush
green grass, which is bouncy underfoot, you begin to feel
very much at peace, your awareness opens with every step
you are feeling the vibrancy of the grass, and relaxing
with the nourishment of nature

at this point you are still following the path, allowing it
to lead you onto an adjoining path that is beige and adorned
with crystals gleaming on either edge of the path, multi-colored
stones and beautiful gems glistening in the morning sunlight
you take one with you that you are drawn to take, which will
accompany you on your journey,

you walk further and find yourself going uphill now
its a bit of a climb, but you’ll make it
you do not feel breathless, and when you are at the summit
this summit is encompassed in a beautiful hue of pastel colours
all of different vibrations, choose one or two to take one with you,
as this is what you'll be working with
for the sitter today later on if you choose colours or ribbons

find a patch of grass to lay down on, so that you are on your back
and gaze up at the clouds, with a softer vision,
ask for something to be shown to you which you may give for your sitter
be patient and wait for the link to open… in the same way, go with what you are drawn to what stands out for you, would be then translated into messages for that sitter. Eg. If the clouds show you the number 2 - that 2 could be an angel sign for the sitter. Colours too can be picked up on while working with clouds, shapes, like animals, spirit faces, names, which would be important to your sitter.

Its at this point in the meditation that you would use the clouds outside
if there are any where you live, in the sky, as your mind/awareness is relaxed and you are more focused ready to work

so, if you are working with real clouds, ask the clouds to show you something for your sitter and wait/be patient for the materialization to take place. the link when opened - it could start out as a shape that is shown - you'd be looking at the formation of that shape in the clouds that stands out to you and you feel drawn to mention it - it could be down to a number, or the shape of an animal, or it could be a name that pops to mind, or it could even be a face of spirit being shown in the clouds, colors too…. these would then be translated or worded as….
….e.g…. i see a cat totem in the clouds…. cats usually are linked to distrust….. and this shows me that you have been feeling the trust shaken bit within yourself, but cats also can be testing the instincts.. there is a situation where you’ve been challenging yourself to trust again… etc

when finished, and everyone has delivered their messages… give thanks to the universal energies that have made this possible today.

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