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channelling:- Are you Awake?

Please leave all your posts for everything angel here

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Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:03 pm

Protection is important. From when you first start out on your path and for when you keep going and as you keep going, you begin to open up and learn more about your personal pathway. I hear you asking questions like what is my personal pathway?

Your personal pathway is a pathway that you have chosen before you even were born on this earth and chose to live this human existence that we call life. Truly, your lifestyles change and vary diversely over the years, planet earth has evolved and some souls have reached out beyond the stars, motivational and becoming representatives of our world today. Mediums that are consciously awake have started to work with the light beings, the light bodies that bring through the kundalini reiki energy and are guides to many on this plane as of the here and now. It matters not whether you are a star seed, indigo, rainbow child, going back generation after generation.

What is most important is that you are anchored here in the NOW and focusing on this journey of a lifetime in the material but now awoken world.
For what you can do will bring joy to many searching souls that are still trying to find their niche and home….home is where you sense you belong, a community or soul family set up in a group setting.

You can live as many lifetimes as you dream about them, but it helps if you are grounded in the now & focusing in the present era. By helping those many beings learn on their path, where-ever it might take them, you can bring an ounce of hope and light up the world to someone who much needed the realisation, the clarity and the peace of mind that their loved ones are genuinely OK. The validations that you can work with the loved one can bring peace of mind to anyone sitting at the time of the connection or link.

Attitude:- Many have fallen prone to the void of ego, which is unavoidable and perhaps for them, inevitable. These are not to be trusted. If you come across a medium with a big ego, know that they will have learned their lesson as time passes by. Many life lessons are brought to you for you to understand their meaning, but it is up to you to learn that lesson and take on board what resonates from your journey and solid proof and evidence that you will trust in yourself not to make the same mistake again a second time round.

Truly, you will be able to spot the difference between someone with a lesson to learn about ego and someone who hasn’t got ego at all. The ones without egos at all are the genuine finds and a genuine soul to be trusted. When pain is released from that lesson that’s been learned, you will find it much easier to learn how to forgive, let go and move forward into a new frame of mind and lease of life on your path. Ego is a tough one to clear. If you wish to clear or remove ego, quietly sit in a place you feel comfortable with and talk to AA Raphael, the healing angel, who, with his gentle healing hands may reach out and wrap the ego and its source in his divine healing light and may transmute and transport it to the dimension and place where it should be and not hindering your energy in any way.

Peace:- Loved One, we are focused on bringing you peace and harmony to envelop this community in loving, gentle, and healing angelic light. There are many of you seeking harmony within and are hoping for answers and clarity to come to you. You are being asked to listen to your own inner senses and your own innate intuition that is built within you. Keep going with what you are doing, loved one, treasure this message as Reassurance that angels are with you and are around you. As a being of light, truly, we are busy beings, we are not sitting back but are around every dimension, world, reality, and helping people in need. But we can only intervene when YOU ask. It has to come from you first before we can help. Peacefulness is found in validation, a lot of validated messages are often picked up in the silence and stillness of the link, confirmation is definitely with you. Ask respectfully and you shall receive. Trust and you shall receive. ‘Cause you, my beautiful being are…. AWAKE! This is a sign from your angels that we are with you.

The power of love is divinely important and can change lives. What’s even more important is just being yourself in any kind of work that you do in relation to energy. Positive power of positive intent and as a gentle reminder from one soul to another; love thyself as to how thyself would like to be loved and respect for others, for respect and gratitude is what you would get back tenfold.

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Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:52 pm

hey rosey

great message and i do believe its a channelled message from

the angels around you. I'm working on loving myself . I find it was very hard

I have a long memory and have stuffed up a lot

Its a work in progress

as am I

hugs thank Shell
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Smile it confuses them .

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Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:35 pm

hugs on this shell, you and me both working on that and challenging it becomes every day.
Glad to hear that you are giving yourself some me time too... but thanks for the confirmation on this. And yes now I do believe it to be another angelic message. Happy if its helped. Blessings and Peace :]

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Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:40 pm

Brilliant message Celtic, I love your channellings - always have something positive to take from them, even if the whole thing doesn't apply all at once, there is always a part within it that resonates

I love the reassurance here that the Angels are around us all.... :thinktank: Sometimes even if something is known, it's special to just have a little reminder

Thank you and keep them coming :o)

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:17 pm

Another channeling today

Dear Loved One

Knowing what we know now and trust in time, we have built the rest of the dimensions through the connection of Love and the Spirit World. Time in the rest of the dimensions throughout the universe and space is infinite. Love in the Spirit World is infinite, a part of our essence and spiritual being. The presence of the Divine is very much around us, though many may not be aware of their presence or cannot hear the amount of communication and are reliant on workers those that know and their gifts. We with you and around you. Even if you might not see us, we are always there and helping. Should you need our assistance, you only need to ask us to step forward and intervene and intervene we will do so at your permission only.

There is a lot of unrest and disharmony in the world today; that’s why we as healer beings are directing out feelings of harmony, peacefulness and unity to align the world(s) together. It’s because they are so much out of synch in energy wise that this causes a lot of unrest and distrust. The old though will go out and the new will fill its space. Doubt and second thoughts hold no room in the human experience, but it can be easily dispersed and moved on to their space of work and dimension with the assistance from AA Michael and Raphael, the healing and cord cutting team of angelic friends. Majestically, though, we will prosper and continue to do the good work to encourage others to help other people where the help is needed/wanted and to help people continue their missions in your community.

We are listening to your thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires. You are being encouraged to continue to proceed with them, to take wanted action on them and to provide support and encouragement to those that do want to help and contribute to this community. At the moment we are entering a new dimensional era of higher and heightened energy; that means that the old and negative and lower vibrational people will move on and go their own way but the higher vibrational people with genuine intention will stay true to their path, and mission.

Previously, Loved Ones, we mentioned use of the Violet Flame with St Germain and the transmission or transferring of negative energy into raised positive energy. This transmission is coming through to you from the stars and the ascended beings that are uplifting the energies linking for this to come in. Use the energy wisely, though the Violet Flame energy is highly protective, they will help transmute the negative and to shift / disperse it into peacefulness so that it can move forwards from the guiding energy that it used to be Into positive peaceful healing energy.

We are the Lightworker Lemurian beings from the Cosmic network and we are bringing forth a good amount of crystal healing to send into the community so you can use to spread the light and the joyfulness within your universal soul family. Share among you with friends and family, direct it out to those that are much in need, encouragement and hope within shines brightly amongst those that hide their light.
You will remember that when there is contact and communication via the universal consciousness of introspection and clear communication opening up as a universal voice, you will find that us guardian angels and guides are around and conveying this message across through this transmission of light. Communication between us and the outer world is important for its how we listen from within to our internal voice and higher instincts to bring about connection, and by bringing about connection, in turn, we can help people and encourage them to continue their path/answering their calling in a positive but natural way of learning to develop to work with spirit and angels, or whoever they believe in at that point in time.

Journeying among us is a challenge but through moments of quiet contemplation and stillness and even in your thoughts recollection, through a deep resonation of peace and positive intention, you can indeed work with us to support your energy to relive and find yourself in the present in the spiritual path. You are awoken to the Now, the past is over, gone, history, never to be repeated twice. The era of the segment of Golden Era is now upon us, complete within Astrology and the Zodiac, those that follow the Aquarian tradition will know that the new chapter of Gemini has begun again with the Moon in the second positioning and is already nearly at its zenith bringing in with it new changes, peace, harmony, trust and truth to replace the old as to what has been cleared out with the old cycle and chapter. Jupiter’s energy occurs regularly in the sense that it produces the fiery combination of being close to Saturn and Saturn’s Moon, which in simplistic language, means that this era is perfect for people to find people and to bring forward close connections in spirit from our loved ones that have found Home.

There are many out there that are consciously floundering with their direction, but by reading this channelled and inspirational message, you will cease doubting in yourself and in this opportunity to learn, and set aside those doubts and feelings of distrust caused by others, you know that you were born to lead on this pathway of justification and trust, as long as you are true to yourselves with genuine intentions to your pathway and as long as it sits right in-distinctively with another to help not hinder them in their pathway, you will succeed with your dream to triumph and to conquer your fears and also to NOT LOOK BACK on your past. Learn from your mistakes, do not discount failures as your mistakes, but take the wisdom from that lesson and to continue soldiering on by doing what’s best for you and being helpful towards others who are open to giving and receiving.

Earth Angels- we are one and reunited both in service and in faith. We recognise earth angels by our aura wings, help another as you would like to be helped yourself. Respect is paramount for this path to open before you. Earth angels have been through a lot of life experiences to get you to where you are today. Development and instincts is key to your life learning lessons, listening is important for your guides with your new direction and next steps to working with spirit should you choose to work with spirit. The bond between you and the Spirit World IS very much connected in the name of LOVE. No spirit would come forward to harm you as Spirit IS Connected to you by Love. Love is the essence of the universe, a feeling that’s unknown to man, but once you find it is precious. Love yourself and learning to accept yourself flaws and all is a part of this path that you are on. Turning weakness into a strength and working with it to be the best you can be. Send healing out to the world and to many that ask for it, prayer work is a positive but powerful intention which can indeed be heard by many out there in the universe. Listen & Trust in Love, and those Earth Angels that walk among us.

Peace & blessings, Loved Ones, from

An Ascended Master

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Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:58 am

This is a beautiful message that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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Fri May 11, 2018 6:41 pm

ColeWayne wrote:
Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:58 am
This is a beautiful message that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
hugs cole, you are more than welcome, happy if any of it has helped.

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Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:34 am

I wonder if the gift of channeling is as common as mediumship?

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Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:29 am

I have tried channelling, i need a new guide lol
Hi ! Wink Wink!. I am a true explorer, i dream meanings and write about them ( from personal and generational knowledge)

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Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:59 am

Hi to all. For channelling it is a lot similar to mediumship only the messages are usually longer and more indepth as there is more to come through. The healing energy also will come in with it, usually too, as though guided through by the communicator as well. As far as guides go, your main guide will be with you from the day you begin your path if not before, just ask them to step forward and ask for a sign of reconfirmation from your guides so that they hear you request and you have something to acknowledge their energy by. Hope this information helps! :thumbsup:

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