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A Pagan's View of God

A different way of life! A different spiritual journey!

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Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:59 am

Was asked, and have been many times, why I don't believe in God. Or, if I minded hearing someone say "God" or even "Merry Christmas." Or, why I couldn't just believe in one and get over my having to be so picky about there being more. HAHAHA. Yeah, and I have responses to each one of those. But, here, I'll simply explain it.

To a pagan, we see many, or we may see none. By and by, we honor many--at least two: God and Goddess. Others, they see the Divine, the Universe, Creator; there are as many names for the higher power as their are ideas of it. And that's cool. It really is. It gives something beyond our labels and senses a bigger box to be kept in. Man seems to love putting things in neatly classified boxes and bottles.

But, God, as most say outside the Pagan Community (and some within), is exactly that. They are beyond us. They are beyond our senses, the five and our sixth--though that allows us to glimpse them, and our limited understanding. As humans, we cannot conceive of a being so grand as the Divine truly is. We are limited to the physical and here and now. That 'touch' or sixth sense allows us to refocus, somewhat beyond.

So, how do we see God? In Pagan belief, and it's varied, 'God' is seen as a jewel. Like a cut diamond. When you look at it, you cannot see every facet, not all at once. Bit, you can see some, at least one. 'God' comes to us as this, a facet of their whole self. They come as pieces/parts of themselves so that we may comprehend their presence. So that we may hear, see, understand, maybe even touch them. Each self they send is a facet of the much larger jewel. The true scope/beauty of the Divine.

That is the Pagan view of "god." Not that we disagree with one or the Christian trinity, we simply see it as facets of something greater--and in our own way.

And, for the record, I don't mind hearing or saying "Merry Christmas." I also rejoice and say "Happy Yule." Is a holiday season. I'll say "Happy Chanukah" and "Happy Kwanza." Doesn't it all look silly in quotations? Merriment is merriment and celebration is celebration. Check the in-fighting at the door. ;)

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Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:58 am

I love this. Very beautifully worded.

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Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:30 pm

great job in explaining, thank you

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