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The Mysterious Phenomenon of Bamboo Flowering

WOW...... Is this for real?

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Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:43 am

Bamboo blossom is a natural phenomenon in which the bamboos in a location blossom and become hung with bamboo seeds. In China, Myanmar and India, "bamboo blossom" was traditionally seen as a curse or an indication of a starvation coming.

Bamboos usually have a life-cycle of around 40 to 80 years, varying among species. Normally, new bamboos grow up from bamboo shoots at the roots. At infrequent intervals for most species, they will start to blossom. After blossom, flowers produce fruit (called "bamboo rice" in parts of India and China). Following this, the bamboo forest dies out. Since a bamboo forest usually grows from a single bamboo, the death of bamboos occurs in a large area.

Many bamboo species only flower at intervals as long as 65 or 120 years. These taxa exhibit mass flowering (or gregarious flowering), with all plants in a particular cohort flowering over a several-year period. Any plant derived through clonal propagation from this cohort will also flower regardless of whether it has been planted in a different location. The longest mass flowering interval known is 130 years, and it is for the species Phyllostachys bambusoides (Sieb. & Zucc.). In this species, all plants of the same stock flower at the same time, regardless of differences in geographic locations or climatic conditions, and then die. The lack of environmental impact on the time of flowering indicates the presence of some sort of "alarm clock" in each cell of the plant which signals the diversion of all energy to flower production and the cessation of vegetative growth.[1] This mechanism, as well as the evolutionary cause behind it, is still largely a mystery.



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Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:48 am

Flowering produces large quantities of seeds, typically suspended from the ends of the branches. These seeds will give rise to a new generation of plants that may be identical in appearance to those that preceded the flowering, or they may produce new cultivars with different characteristics, such as the presence or absence of striping or other changes in coloration of the culms.

Several bamboo species are never known to set seed even when sporadically flowering has been reported.


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Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:36 am

BiuBiu wrote:
Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:19 am
Wow! This is really interesting article! Where did you find it? Right now I'm looking for some information about different plants. Want to improve my garden with new flowers.
Man, this post isn't about gardening, LOL. Just go and find the information somewhere else. There are enough florists forums on the internet. Or you can just google it. For example, let's find something about bell shaped flowers. One second... Voila! Here is something about bell shaped flowers That's not a rocket science, man. Don't bother people with stuff they don't actually into, LOL. And one more thing - if you are a rookie, try something more simple than flowers I was telling about.

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