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Strange shadow caused me to not be able to call upon the light....

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Unread post Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:13 am

Ok so this is strange but one night I was going to sleep and just closed my eyes while laying in bed when I realized I was still viewing my room (third eye). I noticed a large shadow figure come through the door and instead of focusing on it I began to call upon the light to protect myself and my family. Before I could put the bubble of light outward the shadow rushed into my face and the next thing i know im waking up in the morning. I have had trouble with projecting the light every since. ....

Another night I woke up and noticed my boy friend was not in the bed so I got up to look for him and found him sleeping on the couch, I left him alone figuring that he was uncomfortable and was having a hard time sleeping. I went to the bathroom before going back to my bedroom I felt a presence close behind me. As I walked through my bedroom door I simply said leave me alone and climbed in bed, then I was struck with sleep paralysis multiple times before I was able to relax and go to sleep....

Anybody have any thoughts or advice? Please speak up, I welcome any thoughts or advice ;)

Thank you ♡♡♡

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Unread post Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:11 pm

That seems pretty far fetched but theres many things in this world people aren't prepared to understand or ever will be, most people are only concerned with what they can see and feel and what has genuine proof to back it up and to hell with everything else when we probably only understand a fraction of a fraction of whats out there.

Ive had one bad experience with sleep paralysis that happened about 2 years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't move and it freaked me out because I never heard of this happening before and didn't know what was going on, I look across the bedroom and swear I see something moving in the near pitch black at my door, I call out but couldn't breathe and slowly but surely I see an outline start to appear with its hands at my throat, it looked inhuman from what I could tell and it literally scared me to death, all I could do was pray and when I opened my eyes I was fine and could move again.

as far as your personal experience I don't have much besides possibly that you are overstepping your ground in astral projection, wandering the wrong plane of the 7 and attracting negative energies that are trying to siphon off of your ectoplasmic essence that your giving off, either your just one of the unlucky or your immense energy is pulling the wrong sort of attention. I would highly recommend routine extensive grounding and shielding, Cheyenne from meditation class recommended I take a salt bath to cleanse my aura and it worked out great.

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