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Hi, my names Alyssa and I am new to this and joined here because I’ve had some experiences that I just have zero idea what is going on. I’ve always believed in the paranormal and grew up in a pretty active house. I also have always been strong emotionally and tend to draw from the emotions of others. I actually quit working mental health because of it. Too many trips to the bathroom crying over the fear and pain the people I worked with were experiencing. Very used to all that. The question comes from more recent experiences. I guess the weirdness really started in 2011 after my brother passed. Activity picked up and I started experiencing sleep paralysis and dreams that I couldn’t change the course of. Mostly of my brother in different states of his accident. These continued until my grandpa that had passed showed up in a particular dream where my brother was arguing with me that he wasn’t the one that was dead, my grandpa told him he was, and then they left together. No more dreams. Fast forward to 2016 I started getting involved with some paranormal groups and attended a few investigations. The first was a park that long story short covered a mass grave that originally belonged to the Arapahoe tribe. The land was basically bulldozed and their bodies left there. Some things occurred that night, I captured an image of something staring at me in the tree, and after leaving I definitely didn’t feel alone. I went to sleep that night and had another dream I couldn’t change the course of or guide myself out of and it was just thousands of screams, none of them identifiable and I just felt so much pain and anger, after that, nothing. I later went to another event where they were using a ghost box, I will be the first to say I was highly skeptical about it, until I heard my brother’s voice come across. I asked if he had found our grandma and grandpa and he said yes, and then some other details that no one else in that room could have known. Since then I have been feeling emotions that don’t feel like mine more often and in situations like where I’m driving past a car wreck that was sure to have a fatality. What has really set me off though is that I recently went to New Orleans and did a tour. We went by the LaLaurie mansion and when they mentioned the slave that had set the house on fire I felt very heavy. I then simultaneously felt very hot and very cold at the same time and felt like I may pass out. This feeling persisted until I walked and stood across the street from the house and I felt drawn to it. They had warned us about superstitions about walking under the gallery so I had no intention of crossing that street. I turned around and walked away and the further down the street I walked the more intense the heaviness got until I collapsed onto a tree wailing. The only time I have felt emotion that intense is when I found out my brother had passed. It again felt like emotion that wasn’t mine and I felt drained for a while after. I went back to the hotel and woke up at about 5am because I again had that light headed feeling and anytime I closed my eyes and dozed all I could see was like how flames would look if you were close to them and looking through them and people in very dated clothes. I of course couldn’t redirect my thoughts or even think loud enough to hear over these voices. It’s just something that was very weird to me and that I would appreciate any guidance on. Thanks!

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