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Joined: Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:42 pm

Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:08 pm

Hi All! I'm new here. I joined because I have this question in mind for years now. See, I started dreaming about my ex and I felt so much emotions even after waking up. The first time it happened, it was a couple of times in a span of 3 weeks. I confronted him if he was okay because he was crying in my dream, but he denied. It's been happening for years, there will be days when I will feel really sad and will remember him or I will dream about him and would feel so much emotions. There are times that I would dream about him but when I wake up, I know it's just a dream. (you know what i mean?)
A couple of months ago, I consulted a psychic and he said that my ex was trying to communicate thru mental telepathy. After that I entertained the thought and researched about it but I'm not sure if I'm getting any message or if it's just my mind. The process kind of consumed my energy and I tried to block it.
Now, I'm feeling so much sadness and I dreamed about him again.
Can someone please help understand if it's just me or is he really trying to send me a message thru mental telepathy?
I need to know how to understand the message and i wasn't sure if he is getting my message too.

P.S. I am very much happy with my life without him and I want him to be happy too. I want to understand if I have unresolved issues with myself or if he is really trying to communicate telepathically then I want us to be able to talk telepathically so we can both have closure.

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Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:12 am

Hi Sassie08. There is a fair bit you can do if you truly want to be free of him. The first is a) if you are after closure then ask him for closure in the present. b) You can work with the chakras and with AA Michael & AA Raphael to truly release the ties and cords that bond you both together by working with them around the heart center/chakra of self, but know in your heart's word that you do want him to happy and to learn to love again, even if you two weren't compatible enough to be together and c) Truly mean that you want him to be happy via positive intention & by guiding white light and healing light to him with assistance of AA Raphael along the cords itself,and then try clearing and de-cluttering the old, what things you have momentum that you are still clinging onto which could go to a better home - paying it forwards- or anything old you wish to see be let go of that may contain his energy. d) Last option is to ask Archangels to move his vibration away from yours in the name of love via positive intention so that his energy does not impact you in any way shape or form or while you are sleeping and ask for his energy to be surrounded in loving light so that he can move forwards into his future and not be hindering your progress in the present.

Sadness is such a strong emotion to discover in your dreams too, i'd definitely suggest then if you want to be in touch with him via regular means of communication for closure & don't want to open that old wounds that are healing, if you are sure it would open a pandora's box, then try the chakras & emotional ties cord cutting session with AA Michael & AA Raphael. Focus on your heart chakra because it knows the best about you and would be the one to work with for the time. And also clear your homespace, and personal space. Also during that time if you would learn how to protect yourself in your sleep as well, not sure if you sleep with a blessed/cleared dreamcatcher - that might help you in your sleep too.

Threads on how to do the cord cutting session I've posted in the Reiki & Meditation & Healing section. But if you need a hand on finding them let me know and I'm quite happy to repost the thread links in the post again. Peace & Blessings Sassie08.

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Joined: Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:42 pm

Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:20 pm

Thank @CelticRose
I also wanna know how I can validate if he is indeed communicating telepathically and it's not me just overthinking.

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