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In general I use my psychic abilities to help others, but of course in doing so means a great personal responsibility in delivering the information correctly.

It is understood that everyone has such abilities and when first born such abilities are present, however through childhood, in most people the abilities are not known about or used and therefore they take a back stage to the point of completely going in some cases. That said everyone is capable of developing in my opinion, however some people can develop these skills quicker than others.

In terms of how I work, my abilities didn't seem to fad away as a youngster and this does happen to a number of people. From the age of around six years, I realised I was different to many of my friends. I seemingly had an inner knowing and knowledge way beyond my years, The knowledge seemed to come from a very early time period and on a number of occasions I get fashbacks, only briefly but I have sketched out the things I have seen in these visions. Although there are numerous possible pitfalls with psychic work, where experience is key, the way I work it is almost as if the knowledge is automatically presented to me, with little or no effort on my part. In my earlier years, did I ever doubt the information received, yes of course I did. But now the psychic abilities aren't something I only use when needed, they are part of every day life.

As fr the family line thing, I guess that the easy answer is, other traits can be inherited via family lines so why not psychic abilities. I myself may be a product of this, some relations living in Coventry UK during the 60ies were well respected psychics and spirit workers. When I was a baby my parents went to visit them and when they first saw me they informed mum and dad that they could tell I was very aware and would go on to do the same as them and I did.

In terms of people claiming to be psychics for profit, in my years of experience I have come across many fakes, people cold reading sitters. There are psychics who charge who are genuine and who are very good at what they do, but it does worry me that people who are fake are giving people information which is generally incorrect and can have a huge impact on their lives. Anyone who is genuinely psychic is appalled at this kind of activity. For me personally I have always used my gifts to help others and have never charged, just my way of working for the greater good of all. Some people will insist on paying something, in which case I tell them I would much prefer to give any contribution to a charity which is dear to their hearts.

Regarding your last question in relation to the physical world I have a number of theories on such things. There are so many things that we still do not 100% know about the world, life, the brains abilities for example. If it is true we are only using 5% or thereabouts, what does the other 95 % do, or more to the point what is it capable of doing? In terms of Telekinesis many of the really old documented and well known cases have later been proven to have been faked. Most of them family members or friends have uncovered them as staged and details given as to how they were staged. It does also beg a question, having worked for 30+ years in physical mediumship, is what people witness not moving things or affecting objects directly with their mind or are they using spirits to do it. I will apologise for perhaps creating more questions than I have answered, but I guess keeping the subject interesting and open for debate is all good.

If you need any futher or detailed information please do not hesitate to ask, I wish you well in your research.

Brightest blessings

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