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Tall man on top hat and trench coat?

Do they exist? A figment of our imagination or modern folklore?

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Ok so basically last year I started seeing this very tall figure in a trench coat and a top hat. He looks like one big shadow with no distinguishable features. At first I thought I was just tired and seeing things but I’ve now realized that it’s a real thing I’m seeing. I see him all the time it doesn’t matter what time of day or where I am. I then recently started to get sleep paralysis and I see him there as well. I’m confused as to what he is or who he is or if anyone else sees him or something like him and as frequent as I do.

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This is almost a common sighting, and always seems to have a tall top hat, and sometimes carrying a bag too.
Without any more significant detail I would just put it down as a visiting spirit, but I think he may be a doctor, and as such may have a reason to pay you a visit .
My partner was visited - and pointed at by someone similar - and she became a nurse.

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its fine I wouldt put to much focus on it . things u read online are nothing top hat what not no hat . . . . usually they just observe . I could tell u the 3 things they might be but I wont I just suggest u take it as a vapor. lol it doesn't matter.

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