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Clear the objects which have been charged to emit negativity.

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Unread post Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:53 am

Hello All,

I feel that a lot of people at my workplace are into placing an object (stapler, scissors, scanner etc) which have been charged with a negative entity for a specific purpose - make someone ill - migranes etc.

I can sense the wronged/charged object but the only way I know to protect me from the intended harm is - throw it away.

Is there a way where I do not have to throw the object but the magic can be nullified?


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Hi there Amethyst

Welcome to ABT. :welcome:

Yes there are many ways to cleanse any space of negative energy. Rather than throwing things away have you thought of ever using Gemstones to help keep the energy vibrations positive?
There are many protective stones.

Any reason in particular why you feel your colleagues would be doing this?

I think Black obsidian might be helpful for you. It protects from electronics if you're around computers/scanners/ phones a lot of the time, as in an office

Sam j
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