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So i have alot of strange things happening recently, I'm very skeptical but also completely believe in the supernatural. For some background info, I'm currently separated from my wife (though we recently decided to try to save our marriage) and had to move back into my parents house. It's 2 floors with an attic and exit on each floor, i have the bottom floor. It consists of 2 rooms, and a bathroom. The bedroom is almost completely underground with no windows, the other room, which is connected to the bathroom, bedroom, a closet and stairs, is used as a playroom for my 5 year old twins when they stay with me (50/50 with my wife). So, lets get into my issues.

It started with my daughter, she woke me up one morning while they were sleeping in my bed and started talking about 5 year old stuff, then we heard someone walking upstairs. My daughter said "Nanas awake!" So we all got up and went up the stairs to talk to my mother. Thats where it gets weird, no one was in the house. All the doors were locked and everyone left for work 3 hours beforehand. Another strange thing about the situation ia that my son, her twin brother, never heard anyone walking upstairs. Only me and my daughter heard it.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Im asleep at about 6am, my daughter wakes me up SCREAMING about someone trying to get in the bedroom door. This time all 3 of us heard the doorknob turning but she had locked the bedroom door before bed (its a habit for her for some reason). I grabbed my knife and walked towards the now silent doorknob thinking it was most likely one of my parents coming to ask me to move my car, but i didn't want to take any chances. I opened the door to a completely empty house. We left right that second and spent the whole day away from the house.

After that weve all seen shadows pass infront of the bedroom door, but i dismissed it all as possibly our minds messing with us in that state right when you wake up. Then things got stranger. Ive been seeing shadows moving, feeling like im being watched, feeling something brush against my hair while I'm trying to fall asleep...and the part that finally got me, I've woken up alone to someone SCREAMING my name twice. The first time, i was laying on my right side and it was screamed into my right ear, but not muffled. Like somehow it was between my ear and the pillow. The next time it was different, more of a female voice that echoed like it was from a tunnel but it came from every direction. Both these times were in the middle of the night and no one else in the house heard anything.

Tonight, 3 of my kids electronic toys started talking by theirselves in the play room (conveniently while i was listening to creepypastas) at the same time. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep, but their play computer said "uh hm, excuse me?" Over and over (it says that if you dont answer the questions fast enough). At that point, i decided i was over this for tonight so i grabbed a pillow and blanket, opened my door and RAN through the playroom to the outside door and to my car. Im sleeping in it tonight, that's when i knew i needed help. Any ideas?

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There might be a history to the house so check if there is then you can. Search for a good paranormal team since you are not familiar with these undertakings of dealing with spirits etc on your own.

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So for the past few years I have been seeing these dark “monsters” and I’m pretty sure they are demons but I see them everywhere, hiding and lurking around trees or road signs and I thought I was going insane cause they were pretty much everywhere. Then a few months ago I looked into the mirror and I saw a part of me looked like one of these shadows. It was half of my face and then i looked down and saw this shadowy flame engulfing my arm. I went out and discovered I can touch them and hurt them with this shadowy flame. I need some help to know what’s going on with me and how I can possibly control this “power” or get rid of it

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That power is amazing! These dark "monsters" eventually don't listen to any words you say anymore. Their nature is to do whatever they feel like to you just because they can. Like insects.

However, it seems that the power you have is a gift from the monster that attached himself to you. Be cautious as these dark monsters do not give gifts without taking more than what the gift is worth.

You have been introduced into their world. What happens from there is up to what you want out of it. I tried to escape from them ever since I met them. However, they never let up and continue to show up at my house. One of them decided to clean them out for me but in return he wants my blood. Somehow, the dark monster that does this for me wants to eat of me forever. He repeats the same thing by sending monsters my way and then showing up to promise the same thing.

Whatever you do, never negotiate with terrorists. They are all terrorists.

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