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3 Strange Creatures in My Home

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I experienced a night – possibly several – of very high supernatural activity in my home. This hasn’t happened in quite some time. By my forum posts, November was the last really high period of activity.


It’s been a rough few months. We had a family member in hospitals, rehabs, and nursing homes since around Thanksgiving and she passed away this past Sunday. Needless to say, the mood in the house has been very somber and we’ve all been rundown.

We’ve had some general odd activity here and there. I’ve experienced occasional sleep paralysis, nightmares, and the feeling of being removed from my room in the night with no memory of anything after. My cats have been waking me up in the night to lay protectively between me and the rest of my bedroom. I’ve felt watched as I fell asleep or woke up. I’ve had birds fly into my windshield while driving. It’s winter in New England, so I attributed it to unusual wind activity. My dad had it happen to him too and thought the same, but found it weird it had happened to us both. I’ve seen a few unexplained tall (very tall) shadow entities in the vicinity of my house, usually across the street or down at the bottom of our street. All this has happened here and there over the course of a few months.

Also, I and the two cats who sleep with me nightly have experienced ongoing illnesses (stomach bugs, colds, etc.). Again, I attributed this to winter in New England.


Sunday I had some typical spirit activity. Someone kind of swooped in and asked “Did Uncle Donnie make it in time?” Donnie is my great-uncle, ex-husband of my great-aunt who, at the time, was in bad shape in the hospital and expected to pass away. I had a feeling she’d passed away and texted my mother, who was at the hospital, and confirmed that Uncle Donnie had indeed come to the hospital to see my great-aunt and had made it there before she passed. I said aloud “He made it,” and heard “Oh, good,” and that presence backed away but was still kind of around, if that makes sense.

After that I kept hearing knocking and banging around the house and the cats kept getting startled. I didn’t think much of it. On occasion new or unfamiliar presences pass through and seem to kind of bump into things, but usually there’s no harm meant and they just go on their merry way.

Monday night I had a very hard time sleeping. I had that feeling of being watched and two of my cats kept waking me up and positioning themselves on the edge of the bed between me and the rest of the room. I fell asleep and woke up and thought I saw a figure crouched beside my bed looking at me. It was dark, so I couldn’t see details, but to me it looked like a solid figure – not a shadow or an apparition – sitting on my floor with its knees to its chest and its arms wrapped around its legs. It was dark and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I told myself it was probably my desk chair or a shadow, but I felt very uneasy and my cats were doing that thing where they were getting between me and where this thing seemed to be. So, in hindsight, there probably was something there.

Yesterday at work we had a very strange swarm of moths inside our office (I share an office with two other people). No one could explain where they came from, as we sit in an area with windows that don’t open and the nearest door is down a flight of stairs and a hallway. Occasionally one moth might get to our office, but this was a genuine swarm to the point where we had to leave the office while someone came to clear them out. I don’t know if this is related or not, but I’m mentioning it because of the timing and the strangeness of it.

Last night I went to take a shower and as I was showering I very abruptly sensed something on the other side of the shower curtain. Familiar spirits know I don’t like them coming into the bathroom, but I do get pop-ins who are new here and don’t know the rules. So I said out loud to this thing “The bathroom is private. Please leave this room right now.” I heard a sort of displeased grumble-grunt noise and the thing didn’t leave. Whenever something doesn’t respect a boundary it’s a bad sign in my experience. So I said “You need to get out of here.” I got a scratch along my stomach in response to this (of which I am attaching a photo – all I did to the photo was increase the contrast as a lighting correction to make it easier to see). I started praying, which is what I do now when something nasty shows up. I do have a protective entity who swoops in and gets rid of these things when I ask.

As I was getting dressed I heard three soft knocks on the bathroom door. Thinking it was one of my parents needing to use the bathroom, I said “Yup, be right out.” But, when I opened the door not only were neither of my parents in the vicinity, I saw a tall shadow figure move past the door and move very quickly through the next room toward the front door of the house. I said “Oh, you F right off.” One of my cats slinked in front of the door to get between me and whatever else. He had his ears back and his belly near the floor. Then I saw a second very tall entity crane to peer around the top corner of the door I’d just opened. Then I saw a third thing that had a different feel than the other two. This thing was coming toward me from the front door (straight across from the bathroom door through the living room). I couldn’t see it clearly, but it was maybe two feet tall, looked to be very furry, and it kind of hobbled instead of walked. But it quickly stopped, turned around, and headed right back the way it came. The peeking entity also left.

I believe a guide or guardian helped to get rid of the things that were causing me grief. I don’t sense them here anymore at the moment.

I did think the scratches possibly could have been cat scratches I hadn’t noticed before getting in the shower, but these marks are too close together for either cat I’d been around to have caused them. Their paws are too wide. I don’t have a good way to show that in the photo.

Not really sure what to do with this. I’m just leaving it here. Please share if you have any insight.
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