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Improvised Cleansing Ritual - Thoughts?

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Unread post Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:23 pm

There was an unpleasant manifestation in my house over the weekend. I did an impromptu cleansing with what I happened to have around after doing a bit of research. So far, this cleansing seems to have worked, but I’d like some thoughts/opinions/advice on the specifics.


There’s a small amount of activity around the house all the time. Things disappear and pop up odd places, things move around. Stuff my mom and I consider minor and tend to ignore, though my dad (a skeptic) is considering putting up cameras to see what’s going on, so it’s regular enough that it’s noticeable.

Manifestation Details

My parents were away, so from Saturday morning onward it was just me and the pets in the house. I had my computer playing YouTube while I was making breakfast, just autoplaying whatever came up on my Recommendeds. Everything from blooper reels to top 10 countdowns. One of the videos contained alleged audio from a demonic exorcism. It played some “demonic” audio and as soon as I heard it I got this sick feeling. It took a moment for me to wash my hands and shut the video off. I went about my business, but something felt off in the house. It felt like someone had dropped in unannounced without knocking. I ignored it and went about my business, which normally dissuades things just passing through.

I went into my parents’ room to play a video game on the system we have in that room. My mom has taken to collecting creepy dolls and placing them strategically around the house, moving them frequently for fun, as it amuses her for me and my dad to walk into a room and scream when we find a random unexpected doll. So, when I turned the light on in my parents’ room, I did indeed get startled by a skeletal doll staring me straight in the face. The only reason this is relevant is, as I was setting up the video game console I noticed the doll had turned to face the mirror. This didn’t alarm me, as things move around here on the regular. I did take a picture of the doll in case it moved again. It didn’t.

I went about my day and my cats started acting weird. They came running into my room like something had startled them. We have neighborhood cats and other animals that sometimes wander into our yard and freak out the cats, so I closed the back door to block that window. Again, I wasn’t too alarmed. Then the cats started reacting to things I couldn’t see, shying away like something was reaching for them that they wanted nothing to do with, then running off and looking back. At that point, I told this entity to leave the house because it was startling the cats. In my experience, respectful presences will leave when asked. This one did not.

After I told it to leave, things started to fall or be thrown in the kitchen. A bowl fell off the counter onto the floor. I didn’t see the other things fall, but I believe a pepper shaker tipped and a broom fell. I told the thing firmly to leave and as I walked around the house I felt like someone was standing right behind me, like if I turned around I’d bump into it. I felt grabbed at, like somebody was trying to pinch me.

When I went to take a shower I felt a tender spot on my lower right ribcage, and found three distinct red scratches. I thought maybe I did it myself trying to scratch an itch, but I couldn’t get my hands to bend the right way to produce the same angle. I thought, a cat scratch, but they were too wide. I took a picture on my phone. I got out and hastily dried off, officially freaked out, and I’d had music playing on my phone. I heard an odd growly, garbled voice coming through the speakers, like someone trying to talk, but I couldn’t make out any words. I verified no other applications were open at the time other than the camera.

I told this entity firmly to get the F out of my house. As I stepped out of the bathroom into the kitchen, I saw a tall, dark figure moving very quickly through the kitchen.

We have a rosary that hangs on our fridge, just always. I went and grabbed the rosary and said something like “No effing way.” I wanted this entity out. As soon as I took the rosary I felt a shift in energy. Another distinct presence showed up and the unpleasant one backed off. This other presence is familiar. It’s a very prominent, very bright energy, and brings with it a peaceful and calming feeling. It feels masculine, but doesn’t communicate with me as other presences do. I call him The Heavy because he doesn’t come around much, but when he does it’s because I need help and he means business. I took the rosary with me to my room and Skyped with a friend, who’s a little more experienced with the supernatural than I am. I kept the rosary and a Bible by my bed, said a prayer asking for protection and strength, and went to sleep.

The next day I felt a few presences in the house that were familiar and kind. I think presences that had come to assist me. The Heavy was also very much present. He’d sort of parked himself in the front doorway of the house, which overlooks the bedroom (with the doll), and the living room/kitchen. I spent the morning doing research and talking to my friend, trying to figure out what to do about this situation.

In the bedroom with the doll, there are two mirrors facing one another. One is an older mirror and the other is just a typical rectangular wall or closet mirror. My mom had set them up to cut her hair. My friend suggested this set-up might have changed the energy in the house by creating a pathway for presences not normally present. I read covering or removing a mirror can create problems once you have an unfamiliar presence around, as you have to give it a way to leave.

Something else of note, there is a Ouija board in my parents’ bedroom situated behind one of the mirrors.

I read up on cleansing and clearing. I’ve only had to cleanse items maybe twice in my life, and both times I had help or guidance from someone else. So, I don’t have a lot of cleansing supplies handy at any given moment (i.e. sage, holy water, etc.). I ended up gathering up what I had and doing my best.


As I was doing my research on what to do, I played some peaceful, relaxing music and read through a number of prayers. I cleared my mind and got my intention clear in my head: to rid the house of negative energy and to attract positive energy.

I gathered the things I had that would be of use:

3 white tealight candles
A bottle of essential oil from a Wicca shop in Salem, MA
Sea salt
A rosary


I took my laptop into the bedroom with the peaceful music playing. I took the tealights in and put one in front of the old mirror, one to the right of the mirror on the dresser with the doll, and one to the left by the doorway. As I lit the candles, I spoke my intent into the room, to protect the house and the people in it and to attract positive energy. I poured a small circle of sea salt around each tealight, saying I wanted to clear the house of negative energy. I dabbed the essential oil on each of my wrists and smudged a bit on a few scarves hanging off the older mirror. I said I wanted to bring calmness and strength to myself and the house. I hung the rosary on the mirror and asked for the aid and protection of any angels, guides, and spirits of light in performing this cleanse and protect the house.

I sat with my laptop in between the two mirrors and spoke my intent again into the room: to protect the house and bring positive energy into the space, and to clear any negative energy. Then I said several prayers I read off my laptop. I don’t remember all of them. I just read whichever ones gave me a tug. I remember saying Our Father, and a prayer to St. Michael, but I definitely said others. I just kept reading the prayers until I felt the energy change. Then I blew out the candles because I wasn’t going to be in the room and I didn’t want to leave them burning unattended. But, I left the rosary and the salt and the unlit candles until that night. I cleared out the salt and brought the rosary with me to bed again. I said another prayer of protection before going to sleep.

I think so far everything worked, but I just figured I’d leave this here and see what you all think. This was a situation I deemed an emergency because I didn’t want this energy to get a foothold here. I know you don’t all believe in demons or malevolent entities, but I do. I can’t believe something not malevolent would attack people like that. So, this was very much a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants operation.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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Unread post Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:59 pm

I've also been told mirrors facing eachother or even a door can create a doorway for the dead to pass through freely. As for your cleansing you did a great job by the sounds of things. Personally I've noticed any dark energy that gets told to leave by use of profanities seems to do the trick, why you may ask? Well they hear the strength in your voice and pretty much know not to mess with you, anyway of encourperating a light energy will keep you protected. Sage smudge or even hanging rosemary and time by the door will help keep evil at bay also (so I've heard). Another great way is to imagine a ball of light in front of you and then growing until it covers everything in your home. Thought can manifest amazing things.

Remember even a small L.E.D can light up a dark well.
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Unread post Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:51 am

I agree with Ravenfox. Another thing that can help is drawing sigils (Angelic ones in your case) on doorways in chalk as well. Sage is great as Raven said, but if you don't have that, any kind of herb that is burnable does the trick. Salt is also good for barriers, which you somewhat did with the tealights. If you dont want them to leave a certain area and if it somehow happens again, Id recommend making a huge circle or at least space of salt with every tool you are using inside to keep it contained.

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Unread post Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:52 am

So far, so good. Haven't had a major disturbance since I did this cleansing.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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