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Basic Types of Attachments

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Attachments can be to people, land' items. Have heard of a few cases of attachment to animals--believe it was a goat--but have not come across a situation as that in my time/path. For now, would like, simply, to discuss what an attachment is.

Outside of a full-on possession (different and far more dire), an attachment is an entity/spirit taking a liking to you, a place, or an object. Side note: not all entities are bad. An entity is a being, not human or animal, nor of human or animal spirit. It has not lived. Attachments are not all entity/spirit based.

Types of Attachment:
Spirit/Entity Attachment
Spirit or entity has taken a liking to a person, place, or thing. Can be from noticing the focus of fancy and attaching or having loved, coveted, or having experienced intense emotional with/about it in life. Meaning that this type of attachment can also be a type of imprint.

Memory Attachment
This is that intense emotional spike, but also limited to only that. It is a moment in time recorded, much like data on a hard drive via emotional or strong energy charge.

Energy can be positive or negative. Intent can be many different things, but the charge can be only pos. or neg. On a hard drive, these P+ and N- mix and match to create an image or file. Much like a memory can be placed on an object or place. Is rare to see it on a person, but have seen it.

These memories can play back, much like the hard drive. The events may loop, as an imprint in a haunting, or a single moment, piece of a person/spirit/entity may still reside on or in the object or section of land. And these instances can be drawn out or sealed away, even cleansed completely--as can the attachment above.

Attachment of Intent
This is similar to a memory as it is left, like a bookmark, for later. This can be done by entity or person alike. This is also what most come across in horror movies and Hollywood paranormal. IE, that haunted object that entices the hero to be the villain for the majority of the movie or turn on his crew at the end. Or, more specifically, Freddy's glove, Jason's heart or mask.

These intent mementos can entice, as mentioned, much like the entity/person whom left it. It can be set to recognize them or a degree of energy (light or dark), dispel/push away, warn, or draw in and tempt unsuspecting (even knowing) users.

If you have dealt with these, or have crossed paths with one, you know what they are.

Inhabitation (also can be deemed Cohabitation)
This attachment is like Spirit/Entity, but it is one step closer to possession--which does not require attachment to occur, merely an opening. This is where person or animal (rare in my experience, but possible) shares space with a spirit or entity. This may be known. It may not. Have experienced both.

Am going to end this here. Also sure there is a type or two I've forgotten. Please, add or reply should you come across them.

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Great post Shadow.

I'm sure it will help quite a few people understand attachments. It's easy to jump straight to the idea of posession so i'm glad there's this for reference :thumbsup: Thanks
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