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Any idea what this could be & what i can do to get rid of it myself

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It feels really odd, like something is trying to push up inside my nostrils & my ear! I also get some odd sensations all over my body as well. Like airy touch/crawliness & it is creeping Me out! Even more so given i have just woken up & i had felt like something was trying to lift my head off the pillow.

The sensations on my body happen when i am fully awake and last most of the day if not all day! It is really disturbing & i have no idea what is going on.

It seems to last a day or two then go away to a week or two then come back! It is really bizarre.

If it is some kind of attachment is there any way i can rid myself of it without calling someone in? I live in a home with a narcissistic mother and controlling father and i don't have a great deal of money either to call in "experts"

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You can keep a fresh bowl of salt by your bed and a rose quartz crystal to start, then find someone who can teach you to smudge and clear your house, calling all unwanted non physical entities to go to the light. Do not tell them to "be gone", tell the they must go to the light. Do a meditaion watching them go to the light.

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