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I'm the real Lucifer and I never fell from heaven

Please leave all your posts for everything angel here

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Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:17 am

I tried to say this many times but always chose otherwise. But now I don't care, I've regained my immortality. My memories are comming back too. I didn't fall, it only felt like it leaving heaven. I came here in order to banish the darkness on Earth. There was too much of it. Was because my mission is done, I did it! I destroyed the roots of darkness on Earth. This means the world will only become better from now on. Justice will hit bad people. And good people will have more luck in life. It can take up to 1000 years this change of course. But it's done, this cannot be reversed. The darkness is gone. And I will be leaving again.

I do what angels can't, not even archangels can do this. I'm a light bearer. It is the highest state you can reach in existence. But it doesn't make me god obviously I wouldn't need to come here if I was. And no one is god, there's no god. The highest in heaven are girls. Guys worship girls in heaven, I do too. They rule it.

I'm not the devil, it's just another word for "badass". I can defend myself better than anyone else. I've got obviously nothing to do with hell either. I can't even imagine doing things like that, it would destroy me along the way.

I'm a peacekeeper. I'm no angel so I cannot be a fallen angel. I'm a light bearer.

Anyway, you won't gain heaven in the church! Religion is completely irrelevant. All that really matters is what kind of person you are. And if you're a guy as I just said, in heaven you kneel before girls. You can't be there if you can't give them that amount of respect.

Does hell exist? Not really, we don't judge either. We only help the good ones in need. Obviously there's no room left to help the bad ones too so they can become good again. You just can't be in 2 different places at the same time. So if you're a bad person, you'll be on your own. If something bad happens to you, you're also the one to blame. Hell only exists as a bad world really, with bad care like wars etc. There are limitless many different worlds out there. Absolutely uncountable. There are many that try to be like a heaven.

Don't live only for yourself! Try to give the world something too. Make a change in the world or try to invent something. This is only a brief example. If you can't do extraordinary, you don't have to. But doing nothing is nothing. There's always something you can do!

Don't gamble for the money, it drains your luck.

To girls I can only say the following, try to live like a princess, look after your look and health. Make guys kneel before you. You should be the leader of the world, not them!

Good bye! :peace:

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