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Signs you have met someone from your Soul-Group

What are your personal beliefs, please share in your thoughts.

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Unread post Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:53 pm

A ''Soul Group'' is another term for your Spirit Family .
It's said that during this lifetime we will meet many people for good reasons- some of which are 100% destined to be. Whether it be a partner, a person who taught you an important lesson, or a once-stranger who turned out to be a longterm friend ..

Together, you and your soul-spirit group have a specific mission and purpose to achieve, that is part of a vast plan for the Planet , Humanity and Universe

They say that all members of your soul group vibrate within a certain frequency and your soul is in harmony with their vibration. It's common belief that our soul groups are often chosen by us before we were born and it is believed to support our soul, and it's mission and growth in this lifetime (and next life, if you believe in reincarnation)

We may not meet all of our soul-group members in this lifetime but regardless you are all working together towards the same goal or mission whilst on Earth, whilst bringing in our unique gifts and abilities/personalities in the process. There are endless gifts that come with re-meeting with soul group members

Some people identify with their soul group using the the terms Soulmates or twin-flames but that aside, there is usually a strong chemistry, familiarity with these people and sense of connection upon meeting or very soon after:

It's said there are different levels or types of soulmates that we can encounter which could be presented to us as family members , romantic partners, teachers, enemies, neighbours even(!) and even chance-encounters in day to day life...meetings that seem to occur spontaneously - they say it's all for a reason , that it was destined to be

There are no bounds or finite rules surrounding how they will come into our lives but here are 10 signs said to be those you'll notice, if you have met someone from your soul group;

1- Their lives may almost mirror yours- They seem to have gone through very similar experiences that you have in your life. --- This can range from bizarre coincidences such as same career and same marriage date, same birthdays, or very similar struggles / difficult time periods in life- And healing thereafter. You may even look alike in some cases, or might hear comments that you look like sisters- family- or ''like you suit each other''. You may share similar phobias, preferences (You will know when you notice it) :)
--I have known two soul-group friends to both have mothers named Nancy, both born on the same day and month. So thats a good example for you. But it can be those small things too. :)
Regardless in this case (if you share troubles) you can guarantee that you are here to support each other and help each other to grow from your experiences, in many ways

2- They may highlight your personality traits, helping you change or grow
-It's all about growth when you're with your soul-friends. You may notice they are the ones that care for you the most, even when you're not quite yourself. This is because your soul friends will see beyond your ''behaviour'' (tone of voice, when you ignore their calls etc) because they understand you well. They have a soul-understanding of your situation, your intentions, and they see your true personality. So it's said that your soul-group will be ones to lift you up -- Do they make light of your quirks? do they remind you to see the positivity in your downfalls? Do they look beyond your mistakes often? and remind you that it's not what's on the outside that matters? - 8-)

3-They help you turn your weaknesses into strengths
- This can be in any form, but a good example is an extrovert and an introvert. One will help the other learn to be comfortable in their own company, whilst one will help the other come 'out of their shell' and shine through, as they were always meant to be :mrgreen: Somehow you and your soul-group may not be twins as such, you will work in harmony despite your differences. Soon you notice that around them you flourish in ways you never thought you could.

4- They help balance out your energy and show you a different side of life
- They may come with lots of new perspectives and help you see from theirs. Your lives although similar, may be very different. They may be encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, or may talk about new perspectives - even if you don't follow, be sure to listen :)

5- They can help you find patience, understanding, compassion.
- Self explanatory but you will usually feel peaceful and mutual compassion in their presence.

6-They can highlight a need for you to heal or let go of certain events of emotions
- This may come across in many ways - stern? gently? nagging? patiently? They usually mean well and care about those things your 'other' friends and family members overlook. They may (for example) step in to your life whilst you are going through major changes, illness, or bereavements/grief.

7-You can work together to create , brainstorm ideas, or bring visions into the light
-You will usually work well as a team, effortlessly -These soul-group members will always work together with you, bringing new insights on the way forward

8- They come into your life to help you on your path right when you need it. - Right when you need it , trust that always :)

9- They help you to advance your soul and your soul journey- In so many ways.. These people are vital for your growth and happiness. Meeting other soul-group members will be life changing, in big and small ways.

10- You work together to support global causes or a bigger version
In the form of work, volunteering, schooling.. it can mean anything but you work together in some way. Your outlooks are very similar, working towards goals and milestones in your life. With your soul-friends by your side you will never fail. Keep them close :)

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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Unread post Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:01 am

Very interesting!
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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Unread post Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:37 am

Or maybe they're the people you instantly can't stand, here to mirror your own 'works in progress' and thereby shedding a new light on yourself :D

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Unread post Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:14 pm

well written, that has very much been my experience also.
I have a friend people confuse for being my sister (even an Aboriginal Elder made that mistake).
Another friend has had a life experience entirely counter to my own and its given me a great deal of insight.
You are also correct saying that our enemies may/ can also be part of our soul family. Really, there are only three people I have met so far that I just can't stand... one of these, is part of my soul family. I detest everything he is and does but he triggered events in my life that were some of the most illuminating lessons and forced me down a path I didn't want to go, which opened the doors to where I actually wanted to be. I can't stand him... but i certainly can't hate him or remain angry about it.
Learn from the past
Live in the present
Plan for the future

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Unread post Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:29 am

I detest everything he is and does but he triggered events in my life that were some of the most illuminating lessons and forced me down a path I didn't want to go, which opened the doors to where I actually wanted to be. I can't stand him... but i certainly can't hate him or remain angry about it.

You're welcome and glad you can relate. I think .. looking back, a few of my 'enemies' have helped me get to where I am too.. The illuminating lessons part... :thumbsup:

I try not to focus my energy or waste time on hating.. things usually go over my head as life is too short to spend time arguing and getting caught up in troubles with others. But I owe a few people (from my past) thanks. Whether their actions were done with intent or not.. there are definitely some people and situations that helped me to swerve direction ... ie ''You never will''... or ''you can't'' .. well, it makes you want to prove them wrong. Aside from that, makes me think of the saying..

Maybe it's not about knowing what you want.. but knowing what you don't.
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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Unread post Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:39 am

I found this very intriguing, I'm almost certain I have met two of these we talk daily and see each other daily. The other not so much, but when we do chat on the phone or online it's like we saw each other yesterday. It's a different feeling friendship than I can explain...thank you for posting this!

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