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What is 'The Event' and is it Fact or Fiction?

Open up to new ideas and share your thoughts on the future.

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Unread post Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:19 am

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing writer,

Many people on a spiritual awakening path have been waiting for “The Event” to happen in our reality. Is it possible that this is created as an external distraction used to steer your attention away from the transformation that is occurring inside of you? Or will there really be an event that triggers a shift into another sense of reality?

The term “Event” has many uses in the metaphysical and spiritual world. In one form or another, the Event is usually referred to something that will suddenly happen that could:

Wake up humanity with an undeniable force, allowing them to come out of their slumber
Trigger a shift in consciousness
Trigger a major shift in dimensions
Trigger a shift within our DNA and perfection of the human body
Trigger a global financial crash and reset based on a gold backed currency
Eliminate the veils between dimensions
Result in first contact and disclosure with ET’s
Cause a major natural disaster and upset life as we know it on the planet
Result in the mass arrest of the ruling criminals that are killing people and taking away our free will.

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Unread post Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:56 am

Hmmm... perhaps 'The Event' is not an instantaneous occurrence, but maybe a slow, gradual change? So many people are waking up, realising, becoming aware. Energies are shifting and frequencies are raising. The shifts and changes in DNA is already happening... Some can feel it.

And, for me at least, many souls are departing... could it be that they are ready to just exist in 5 d, or reicarnating as walk-ins to learn their lessons faster? to become aware sooner than their current free will allowed? were their vibration not high enough for the need of a DNA upgrade? or perhaps they would reincarnate with a new, cristiline DNA body?

I am rambling... you have generated some very interesting thoughts, Raven!

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