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I am always drawn to mysteries, especially ones involving children. Bobby Dunbar is the one I am drawn to at the moment. For those who do not know, he has been in the news lately, because they recently found out the boy they thought was Bobby was actually not Bobby.

Basically, the gist of the story is this:

In 1912, a 4 year old Bobby and his family went to the woods on a fishing trip. This story is so full of inconsistencies. Some say they went on the trip to escape the heat, and found out it was a swamp and not a lake as they thought. Some say they knew, because the family OWNED the cabin. Some claim there was no cabin, they stayed in tents.

Some say Bobby and the other children went with a family friend, OR an uncle by other accounts, down to the water to see him shoot fish. Others say Bobby was playing alone while his mother fried fish. Some say his little footprints went up to the water and disappeared. Some say he disappeared while walking back to the site with the family friend, or uncle or whoever. Others claim he was alone and disappeared into the woods. Accounts change about whether the family spent hours, until darkness came to go find help to search others say searchers were sought out right away.

Eight months later, police find a man with a little boy matching Bobby's description with a tinkerer. He claims the boy is Bruce Anderson and that he had permission from his mother to take him to visit relatives. They did not believe him. So, Bobby's mom looks at the boy, and some say he screamed mama and hugged her while others claim she wasn't sure if it was her son and he didn't recognize her at all. She looks at marks on him and claims it is him. Julia Anderson shows and claims it is her son, but no one believes her.

Meanwhile, Bruce tells people by some accounts, that that tinkerer had a second boy with him, that this boy fell off the wagon, and died, and that the tinkerer buried him on the side of the road.

The boy is kept by the Dubar family and raised as Bobby. But now, DNA tests show that this Bobby is not Bobby, and was Bruce Anderson all along. I feel as though the real Bobby has some anger because they are calling the case "Closed", but it isn't, and I feel that the real Bobby wants people to know what really happened to him. But that's ALL I get. I get anger, sadness, hurt, etc. I've never been able to talk or hear spirits but I do get vibes sometimes, feelings. Like when I first read about Madeleine McCann I felt sadness and shivers like wherever she was laid to rest it was cold, possibly wet. But that's it.

So I am wondering what other people feel when reading this story. Can anyone connect with the actual Bobby? Thank you.

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