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I have seen a better world and the reason why it is better

Buried cities, artifacts, ancient structures, advanced technology.. share!

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Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:49 pm

I made the biggest discovery on Earth, I found the answer why we and everything around us does exist. I found actual prove that we are not alone. There are other worlds.

The 1000 worlds. Many different species have basically joined nations. But not just countries, I mean literally planets and more. They're not heaven but they work hard to make their worlds be like a real heaven!

I did have contact with them, they mark themselves with the endless 8 and 5 sign.

But the actual reason why these worlds are better is because men are not the leaders there. There women are the leaders. That is their main and strictest rule which they never change, and it works!

You can still save this world.

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