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Why there's something and not nothing 2

Trying to understand the very nature of our existence and reality.

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Hi! :thumbsup: I edited my explanation about this subject a bit (grammar etc.). My old topic: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3001

This topic is about theoretical science of being (existence itself). Simply why and how we and everything around us does exist. My explanation is based on systematic logic. I think anyone who was good at school, should understand this. Attention! Please don't mix my theory with theories by other people! This is my very own explanation. You need to question everything.

Why is there something rather than nothing? First you should realize that the best proof for your very own existence, is of course yourself. You can see the things around you, you can feel, hear, touch, move, etc. You know you're there.
Now to solve the question, why something is there instead of nothing, you need to figure out why nothingness can't be in the first place. It would be wise first to define (describe) the meaning of nothingness. Nothingness simply means that there's nothing at all. Therefore whatever seems logic or makes sense to you, has no meaning whatsoever if there's nothing at all. Nothingness can't be, because if there's nothing at all, the meaning of nothingness can't be either. That is the reason why something is there instead of nothing.
And to uncover the mysteries of existence itself, you only need to grasp the exact opposite meaning of nothingness. And that's simply everythingness (something). Everythingness is there without a beginning (always there). Without a beginning, because nothingness can't be at all. And without a beginning, there can't be an end either.
Best way to define (describe, express) the meaning of everythingness, would be limitlessness. Limitlessness simply means that there's no limit to existing things. To put it another way: Everythingness (limitlessness) is self-exciting and inexhaustible. And that of course is only possible without a beginning, because anything that has a beginning, can't be limitless.

This knowledge also solves many other questions, like:

Is there a god? To solve this question, first you need to define (describe) the meaning of a god. A god is who created everything (a god is a creator) and is almighty. But everythingness is there without a beginning (always there). Therefore a god is not necessary if everythingness is there anyway.

Are we alone? There are limitless of beings, worlds and realities.

Why do I dream when I sleep? Logically because you stop being here when you fall asleep. But without a beginning, there can't be an end either. That means you can't end. If you're not here, you're elsewhere. The same applies to death. Life can only change, however it can never end. Therefore death and the life before this one, is only an illusion.

Is this real what I see and experience in my dreams? It is only as real as here and now. This is because there's no the realest place. They're all real. Things like the best of all, ultimate, uppermost or simpy things like god, don't exist among everythingness (limitlessness). Also a life as a human being and its physics (body), is only 1 of limitless other kinds of being.

That's it! You can however imagine forever what else is out there, wherever and whatever. I only brought you in.

Tell me what you think about it! :rock:

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