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Why is there something rather than nothing? Simply explained v2.0

Trying to understand the very nature of our existence and reality.

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Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:36 am

Hello! I want to share with you my explanation v2.0. :wink:

Caution! At the end of this topic you will have the answer to these questions:
Why do we exist (why is there something rather than nothing)?

Are we alone?
Why do we dream when we sleep?
Are dreams real?
Is death the end?
And much more.

Don't skip anything or you will walk away with nonsense! I also don't recommend to walk away if you've already read some of it. It could bother you later.


Before we start, I want to describe a few words detailed so you don't get confused while reading.

Limitlessness/everything/everything existing/all existing things: Limitless amount of different existing things, including limitless amount of each existing thing. It doesn't get bigger or smaller, but it is limitless. By limitless I mean limitlessness is limitless. And limitlessness is: everything/everything existing/all existing things. Limitlessness = everything = everything existing = all existing things.

Existence: limitlessness/everything/everything existing/all existing things.

Limitless existence: limitlessness/everything/everything existing/all existing things.

Nothing: nothing at all/nothing whatsoever.

Can't be: never/impossible.


Now, why is there something rather than nothing? There can't be nothing! Because if there's nothing, there's also nothing to support the fact that there should be nothing! Attention! "Can't be" means never! Therefore if nothing can't be, something has to be. Due to nothing can't be, something has to be, we have an existence with no beginning. Logically there can't be an end either without a beginning. But what is something? Well, the question isn't: what is something! The question is: what is the exact opposite of nothing! And that would be: everything/everything existing/all existing things. How much of each thing and how many different of them? No beginning and no end doesn't only say a no time beginning. It also says that there's a limitless amount of different existing things, including limitless amount of each existing thing. Limitlessness = everything = everything existing = all existing things.


Are we alone? Due to the explanation we are not alone. There's no limit to the amount of existing beings. A life as a human being is only 1 of limitless other kinds to be.


Why do I dream when I sleep? Logically because you stop being here when you fall asleep. But without a beginning, there can't be an end either. Which means you can't end. If you're not here, then you're elsewhere. The same applies to death. Life can only change, however it can never end.


Is this real what I see and experience in my dreams? First, who said that dreams are dreams and that they are only dreams? And second, if we live in a limitless existence, how could they not be real? Dreams are only as real as here and now. This place is only as real as dreams. This is because in a limitless existence there's no centre/centre of everything/realest place of all. There's also no such thing as the best of all. Or have you heard of a perfect material that you can use for everything? Can you make a computer using only water?


Is there a god? If everything can be there without a beginning, there's no need for a creator. And the detailed definition of the god idea is creator of everything. Therefore no god. And don't even think about becoming one! Even if you'd be a ruler of centillions of galaxies, you'd still be nothing in the limitless existence!


Time? Time without a beginning has no meaning. Time can only exist as a clock (watch). Your memories isn't the past. It is only stored information to which you have an access to. Like your files on your computer. There's only the now. If you'd go to space far enough from Earth, you'd have daylight until the sun dies. With this however I do not say that the sun can die. What the sun is, is not my department. That's science of observation. But know that science of observation is not always knowledge to you. You only know if you recreate the results of the scientists' claims. The meaning of the word "fact" doesn't care how trustworthy your source is! Either you know or you don't know.

But the first thing I ever did? My past life? Have you ever asked the same question in your dreams? If so, do you see the illusion now? In your dreams you have other memories. Why do you think we lose our memories over time? It is because there's no beginning.


Afterlife? I would not compare afterlife with dreams because when you're dreaming your body is still alive. Expect it to be completely different! I would not expect to still have my old memories though. Can, but doesn't have to. This knowledge doesn't reveal where exactly you will land and what or who you will be next. And it's not death. It's more a transformation process.

Suicide good idea? If you're ok and you're free, never good idea! Because you don't know where you will land and what or who you will become.

Also check my Limitless Science youtube channel :thumbsup: : ... FUi4CYFAXQ

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