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The perpetual motion machine is a creator

Trying to understand the very nature of our existence and reality.

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Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:26 am

I'd like to define this machine first! The whole idea of the device is actually to get energy without any fuel (input). Simply free energy. All other details about it were made up by engineers, physicist and scientist. And in this topic I'd like to give you my very own explanation about this device!

The classic perpetual motion machine is a concept of an isolated system. Some also call it the over-unity machine. This can't work because this idea is willing to make more out of something. For example: You've got one glass of water of 250ml. And you want to make of these 250ml, 500ml and more! Like forever! This idea is classified as creation (godlike).

The real definition of creation:
Let's say that creation is only if you can create something that doesn't exist anywhere yet! Unfortunately even already a single thought about creating something out of nothing, or making more out of something, is an input and cannot be classified as creation! That's called transforming or shaping (making something out of something, like build a house). No creation.

The proof that we live in an existence without a beginning:
Why something and not nothing? There can't be nothing, because if there's nothing, the sense or rule (law) that could support such fact that there should be nothing and not something, can't exist either. This is why there's something and not nothing. And if nothing can't be and something is there instead of it, it's an existence without a beginning. The following logical fact: Without a beginning there can't be an end either.

Another fact that speaks against this machine:
You're trying to make more out of something, when this something is there without a beginning? That's crazy.

What I want to point out with this is that you shouldn't call this device, "the perpetual motion or over-unity device anymore"! It's a concept of a creator! This is why it doesn't work! And won't, ever! You're trying to make a god! The only concept of a free energy device that works is the solar cell, wind power, hydropower, wood (fire), coal, oil etc.

Well, that was my theoretical explanation why the pm doesn't work. If this explanation works for you, share it with others! Also read my other topics where I explain why there's something and not nothing, more detailed. :)

I have a youtube channel called Limitless Science with the peace bird (day peace). In case you've read in few of my topics "in this video, instead of topic" prescribe. And maybe confused.. I post there the same thing I post here. ;)

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