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I am 24 ive been afraid of the dark since I was 5 years old. As in I sleep with my lights and tv on. Ive had a few "experiences". The one that happened when I was five was I was about to go to bed, which was by a window, I remember laying on the bed looking out the window. I saw something by a tree I though maybe it was me seeing my reflection so I moved my head side to side to see if it was my reflection it would also move. It did not. so I stood still for a sec kind of scared and trying to figure out what it was. All of a sudden the figure started moving slowing straight towards my window. That is all I remember. However my mom said she came to my room as I was screaming and crying. She said I told her the dark started coming thru my window and the light stopped it. Since that day I didn't sleep in my own room till I was about 20. Ive had other things happen but the actual interactions ive had never felt "bad" although I was very scared. I'm curious if this is a ghost encounter, demonic or angelic, or something else.

Another notable experience was when I was in 5th grade. My brother had two beds in his room and my mom mad me stay in one instead of the couch that night. I had my covers completely cover me from head to toe ( as I always did). I remember hearing something and I softly whispered my brothers name to try to see if he was awake. He wasn't. Then I felt the bed start to slowly stand straight up. I tried to calm down by thinking I may just be asleep or have sleep paralysis again. That wasn't it as I could move and I could hear my brothers stereo on low still playing music. As I'm staring wide eyed at the covers over my head I tell myself to count to three in my head and ima jump out of bed and run downstairs to my moms room. Before I could get to three a light grey fog of a hand comes thru my covers, grabs my right hand and places it over my heart. Once its gone I count to three and run for it. I looked over as soon as I jump up and run to get a glimpse of about 7 light greyish figures by my bed in a pyramid formation. As if they were in the military commercials. I also remember there was another figure farther from my bed by the corner of the room by itself.

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The fist thing to come to mind is old hag syndrome.. sleep paralysis. There is a lot of information on our forums about this.
Its where you are in a state of dream and awake. the second experience where you felt a hand over your heart feels like this.
I also do not want to sleep with light off. i am not afraid of the dark but i do see things and have done since being a child.
I prefer a night light on. I am not saying in my waking life i mind spirit coming in but being awake i have more control over what i see and do not see. When i am half asleep it can get very mixed and scary.
I wonder if that helps in anyway. we have a post on these forums too.. here is the link ... hp?f=5&t=5

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In my opinion, that sounds like some demon or evil spirit or something of the sort tried to come after you a few times, but you were protected by a higher power. To me, it sounds like angels, but that's just based on my personal beliefs.

Whatever this good protective light was, I would call out to it right away if this happens again. It's clearly looking out for you! :)

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Thats what it sounds like to me as well. Something is always watching over us. Some of us are just able to actually see it. I wouldnt be freaked out by the greyish figures. They arent a threat. At least they dont seem that way to me.

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Sorry, but spirit aren't evil. Spirit come forward in love, loved ones and the communication higher beings ones do. If it feels malicious though ask for it to step back, if it doesn't, then its not a threat. Treat it with respect if its not a threat. Likely connected to another element or race of the universe that you weren't aware of. I have been known to keep a night light on, if only stop me from being afraid of the dark. Now I surround that fear in love and light to as to help stop me from feeling afraid.

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Speaking of paralysis and gray figures sounds more like aliens than ghosts.

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