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My Experiences; Spirits and inexplicable situations

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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First of all I want to say that I don't claim every of the following experiences as paranormal. There are stories I really just don't know what happened and don't have a plausible natural explanation. I will just tell you what happened, my thoughts about and the facts. Some of these facts may sound that I really want to believe and make other believe that ghosts were involved but that's wrong. This are stories I told once in a German forum and there they got angry because of I refutes their arguments (especially by the first story I will tell you) and they said I wouldn't want to see any other explanation but that's just wrong. I just told the facts and that these didn't fit with their arguments isn't my fault. That's why I gave you that intro now. I am completely open for any explanation but of course if they don't fit with the reality I will tell it.

#1 The three nights visitor

That is by far the story that keeps me busy at most. It completely freaks me out because it was so real. To be honest too real and clear for myself to say I would say it's something paranormal what happened. The problem is normal explanations don't fit. At least it was very scary no matter what the explanation is.

It was in the year after my dad passed away. I was for five days at my parent's home. I had to sleep on a mattress in my old room. At the next day a Friday I wanted to wake up earlier but because of I couldn't sleep I changed my mind. It was about 5am I lay in bed but I was totally awaken and I didn't sleep yet. I was completely able to move so it was no paralysis.
I heard how someone came into the flat with keys and strong footsteps. I thought it was my mother but I was very confused. Why didn't I hear her walking outside and what did she want outside at that time? I was even more confused about the steps. That one had to wear stable boots and had a powerful walking. My mother was circa 77 years old, she never was strong and she never wears footwear like that. However I couldn't imagine someone else.
Who ever it was he walked through the flat and came to my room, opened the door and looked into. I still just thought it's my mother. A light came into the room and the one looked clearly for me. I didn't move a little. I never do when I lie in bed and someone looks at me. I just don't like it when people look at me when I am lying in bed (worse if I wake up by that). And I really don't want to talk with people if I lie in bed. So it's always the same and I play possum. I hoped my mother wouldn't try to talk with me. I just thought it may have been later than 5pm. I lay a while awaken. I wondered, yes, because normally I have a very good feeling for time but I just thought I failed about it that once and my mother just wanted to take a look if I stood up (at seven was my plan) yet. I just hoped she would think I am not there anymore or at least she would decide not to wake me up when I sleep that deep.

I have to explain in bed I am very tiny so the one who looked into couldn't see me by any chance. Sometimes that tiny you can't see me under a pillow. The male nurse of a hospital once laughed with me about when he confirmed it and told us that he always must go near as possible to the end of my bed to check if I am there or not. Let me give you a few.
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However who ever this was gave up after a little while and walked away – outside the flat. My confusion was complete. I stood up, realised it was really only 5am and my mother lay in bed. Ok, I said to myself I must have heard wrong and my mother just went back to her bed. I didn't speak to her. I don't know why. Probably because I just didn't want. See, I generally don't want to talk with people if I come out of my bed no matter if I slept well or not.

Later that day I asked my mother what she wanted outside that time and she said she wasn't. I was a little wondering but at least it wouldn't have been the first time my mother didn't know something she did between two sleeping phases. She doesn't really sleepwalking but she forgets very often if she stood up (like I said she's an old woman so she goes multiple times a night to the toilet and there were many situations we talked or something (I am a night's person) and at the next day she didn't know).

The next morning, same time I heard how someone unlocked the flat's door and came in. And again these strong steps. Ok, I thought, my sister Anja seems very early today. It was Saturday and every second Saturday Anja comes for a visit but normally at 11am. Whoever it was he walked through the flat without coming to me this time and went out again. I still thought it would be my sister. The steps would have been fit. I thought she may had needed something for an appointment or so.

Later that day I asked my mother when Anja would arrive and she said it wouldn't be the right Saturday. So I phoned with Anja to ask her what she wanted and she said she wouldn't have been that one. So I rang up my other sister, Heike, and asked her but she wasn't it neither. Now I was scared.

Next morning, same time, same situation but the one went away before I could find enough courage to take a look who he is. It was under a minute and really, I freaked out and was just scared. Yes, I was a cow but I can't change it.

Before I went to sleep the next night I put a tin with nails on the door so if someone would have opened the door it would fall down with a loud noise but whoever it was didn't come back again.

Now the facts:

I have three sisters, Anja, Heike and Rita. Heike lives near by my mother and has a key for the flat. Bur she is no sleepwalker and she has no reason to lie about as well as my other sisters. Anybody of us can come to my mother's home and can take what she wants without asking. Even money, my laptop or whatever else. A little notice about would be enough. So there is really no reason to lie about a visit. Furthermore Anja doesn't live that near and she has to take the train. At this time she would be en route for many hours with trains (in Germany the train connections are very bad at night). Rita don't even has a key for the flat since the last new lock – she just doesn't need any. If she comes for a visit then only for short ones and drinks a coffee with my mum. If she would ask for she would get any time a new key for the flat.
Like I said there is no reason for lying.

My mother can't have been it. I mean maybe I wouldn't have heard once that she went out but not three times. I was always still awaken and didn't sleep yet. Furthermore the steps really were much too strong for her and she doesn't wear boots or similar stable shoes. And I always heard how that one went out of the flat and my mum was always lying in bed when I stood up after and took a look.

The steps would have been fit to my ex but there is no chance that he could have a key and he has no idea how to open a door with a picklock. Yes I know for sure because once he locked himself out at his own home and he tried to use a picklock but I was the one who opened the door with it and he wasn't behind me then so he couldn't learn it there – and a picklock sounds differently. Furthermore nothing was lost after inclusive an old guitar of him I hadn't given back to him because he was (and still is) in high debts to me and my mother. He would had seen that guitar in the living room and he definitely would have taken it away. Probably my lap and other things, too. And why should he come three times?

It can't have been housebreakers. Like I said we didn't miss anything. In the living room where the one was, I clearly heard it, were a lot of things any housebreaker would have taken away, including my pocket with over 300 EURO in it, lying on the table (my Ex Izzy also would have taken it). And which housebreaker comes three nights in a row and takes nothing?

Landlord is not possible. They don't have any keys. Our landlords here are a big company. But even if it would be a private landlord who would break the law by going inside flats, who would come three times in a row?

There is no logical reason for anyone to come three times in a row, looking after me and walking through the flat to leave it without taking anything?
I know the logic explanation would be Heike or Anja would lie but that's only logically if you're not me because they really don't have any reason to lie. There is just no need. We sisters may come and leave without any reason like we want and like I said we can take whatever we need, as long as we give a notice and that includes anything of my mother's stuff as well as the stuff of another from us sisters.

But what fits in fact is my father. The steps exactly sounded like my father's in his youngers with his favourite boots. As well as my father liked it to take a look after me when I was sleeping even when I was grown up long ago.

However I don't say it was the spirit of my father. Like I said I just tell you what happened and what the facts are. No matter what it was at the end, it still freaks me out.
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Unread post Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:03 am

My thoughts through reading all this, was that it could be your dad.. and was gonna ask if the boots could fit him. But looks like you already answered that yourself at the end :P

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Hi Missy

Aww...I'd say that it probably was your dad :) I guess I can understand why you'd still be shocked though.. These things when they happen tend to take us by surprise when we least expect them to. Thanks for sharing with us (Sorry for your loss though... I can imagine that looking back it's comforting now to know he's been visiting to check in on you

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Unread post Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:12 am

Thank you both for your answers. I tend to think it was my dad, too because everything just fits. It's just everything was so extreme physically but I can't imagine any living person's reason to come three nights in a row and leaving without doing or taking anything.
My sisters and my mother also believe it was my dad.

You're right, Samanthaj (btw. I like that nick), it's comforting me. In fact that you both said you think it's my dad comforts me. If I would have thought directly that it was my dad I wouldn't have been that scared I think. Well, probably a bit but not that much like I was and am. What freaks me out is the possibility it wasn't my dad but a living person. I mean then there was someone who doesn't belong there and that is really scary.

However, it may be the most extreme story of mine but not the only one.

#2 My Dad

In fact I am pretty sure the spirit of my dad visited us a multiple times. I was always often over night at my parent's home, especially short before and after the death of my dad. He was very ill the last years. He lost a leg, had cancer and Alzheimer's.
Sometimes I slept in a room at the basement especially in summer (it was cool and I had more silence). After his death I could hear him moving through the corridor multiple times. It was because of his one leg a special noise. I heard the hobbling, his snuffling and the squeak of the tyres of his walking frame. It was absolutely clear and no-one else in the house could have made that noises. Once I also heard it when I sat at night in the living room. I looked up and did expect I would see him through the glas of the door any moment – but I didn't. I wasn't afraid. It was just my dad and the noises were so familiar. I was calm and I just knew my dad is still there but I also knew it will end sometime.
I think because of his Alzheimer's he maybe didn't know that he was dead the first time and so he still walked his way through the corridor like he always did.

Another day, it was at daylight, I had migraine and lay in my mom's bed. I heard his breathing, it really was his heavy breething, and I felt that someone was there and went to the other bed (at the end my parents had two single beds because of the illness of my dad so he could stood up easier when he went to the toilet, had a shorter way out of the room and didn't disturb my mother's sleep as well as she didn't disturb his when they woke up – it just made anything easier that way but had nothing to do with less love or so). However I felt he was there and I felt very peaceful. When I opened my eyes I could see a shadow for a moment but when I looked up straight it was gone.

My mother told me she got many experiences like that by herself.

#3 cats

I really can't count how often spirits of cats visited me. In our yard directly under the window of my old room most of our pets are buried. Maybe that plays a role, I don't know. I just can say I had so many times visits of my cats when I lay in bed and that was no of my living cats (I looked up) but I really felt multiple times how a cat came into my bed and lay down at my legs. It happens in the room at the basement as well as in my old room. In fact that's the reason I stopped sleeping in the basement's room because one night it was so heavy physically it just freaked me out and I ran upstairs. Right after that I had a bad feeling because of I was so sorry. I mean it was one of my/our cats and I ran away. I was just worry. I believe it was my Luzy, the cat I painted (you can see in the other thread of mine). This cat loved me so much. I mean every cat loved me but Luzy was so extreme like I never saw before. When I wasn’t home over night she always looked after me and was the whole days and nights in the basement room (where I always slept in that times) and my sister had to go down to take her to feed her. If I leaved home she always stood at the window and looked where I go.
She trusted so much in me. So it is hard for me to think about I may had run away from her. I feel a little bit better because I believe she visited me later a few times in my old room. That one time in the basement was the only one I freaked out and ran away. Any other time I welcomed the cats.
Of course it also could be another of our cats. My family always had cats. Once the whole family made a holiday together and my sisters took their cats with them as well as my parents and me. We were at holiday with ten cats – it was a nice holiday. But my feelings say that time I freaked out it was my Luzy.

Another situation was in my childhood. When a friend of mine was over night with me we mostly slept in the basement. That was very cool for us kids because it was somehow there were no adults (of course that wasn't but it felt so). Once Jenny had to go to the toilet but she hadn't the courage to go alone upstairs so I came with her. We made light at the entry and I unlocked the entry door. We went in and before I put the lights on in the corridor I closed the door or better I wanted to close the door but I couldn't because a cat flit into the flat that moment. I could see by the light from the entry that it was Ginger (he was the only striped cat at that time and that cat was clearly a striped cat with a lot of white – like my Bambino you can see on my photo in my introducing thread), and Jenny saw it clearly, too. I just said “Hello Ginger” and closed the door then. And then Jenny and I just stood there in the dark corridor till I put the lights on and we just looked very confused to each other and then we freaked a bit out and all we could say was “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God” because Ginger died a few weeks earlier.
We looked after if it may had been another cat even we both saw definitely Ginger but all doors except the kitchen's were closed and neither in the kitchen nor the corridor any cat was found. Well, I wasn't really scared just very surprised but Jenny was. At first she didn't want to go back to the basement and wanted to sleep in the living room (in my room my sisters were sleeping and I didn't want to wake them up) but I could calm her down by telling her she needn't be scared because it was Ginger and that she knew him and liked him and had to know that she mustn't be scared about him even if it had been paranormal.

And then there was a cat in my first own flat I lived with an ex. I think it wasn't one of my own but lived there before me. That cat came to me every night. I told it Daniel and he didn't believe me and said I would be crazy or dumb (It wasn't the only ex of mine that wasn't a good person – I don't know how I made it to fail for those three times). However once his brother in law was for a visit over night there. I went to a friend that night so he could sleep in my bed but before I did we ate (Hehe once his wife complained about that he always gets good self-made food when he visits us and she does not – well she should have come with him I said), however I told him about that cat and said that he may believe me or not. The other day he was so excited when he told me that I was right and the cat would had come to him, too. He said if I wouldn't had told him he would have thought he got crazy.

PS.: Don't think about if you see many edits I did in my postings. That's normal for me no matter which language. I am a perfectionist and if I see any faults or think I could have said something better I just must edit it - but I don't change the content. That's somehow a little manic also that I always read my own texts multiple times - but it's a mania I can good live with. ;-)
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Unread post Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:30 am

Very true.. if it were a living person then you would for sure.
I think though it really must have been your dad. Some visits from loved ones can sound/appear very physical. The sounds of walking, breathing, coughing, or the feeling of them being near (sensing their presence) or even hearing their voices. Pretty amazing. They do say that a relative is always closer shortly after passing and before (and just after) their funeral.. I've noticed this with a few people.. my closest friend who died in jul 2014.. I could swear that in the first week after her passing, I felt her walking behind me a lot of the time. I felt that someone was following me.. and then at her funeral, I could sense/feel her standing looking back at everyone, observing people giving their speeches and doing Eulogies / prayers. I had a huge sense of calm come over me though.. although I was absolutely frozen with grief I can't deny I felt an overwhelming peace that lasted for quite a while. I don't know what it was, but it got me through the next couple of months after the funeral. Like a spiritual fight-or-flight. So I understand :)

I have also been seeing a cat the past few weeks, though I don't recognize him/her. I saw them run past me, so much that I overstepped to avoid me standing on my (living) cat.. only to realize seconds later that it wasn't her. I then saw the same cat in the kitchen infront of the door, again on top of the table (odd, I know). I love it though. I have had visits from a couple of my dogs who passed and the last experience with that was just amazing .... You may have read that one but it's one similar to yours in the sense that it really surprised me (even though all of this is the norm for me). Life is full of surprises :)

Thanks for sharing all of these with us.. I'm enjoying reading them. No worries about editing i'm the same ;) keyboard is sticky so things are often spelled wrong and it really bugs me too

Have a fab day

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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