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a memory, spirit, or both?

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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we all have a moment where we...remember. where we first start remembering. It is usually something simple like the doctor at birth, a tricycle, maybe a cake, or a song. The point is we all begin to remember. Sorry if i don't use proper terminology, i am sure there is a name for this point in life. Onwards, i remember my first memory. not sure whose memory it truly is. So i am 5 maybe 4 and i awake in my great grandmothers bed, only i have no recollection of who or where i am. I sit up and i think to myself "what happened, where am I??" but the voice in my head, the one you normally hear when you think or read, was much older then 4 or 5. much, much older. so i begin to creep out of the room, the entire time scared and feeling as if i am trapped. it was as if the 5 year old were watching from within the mind and that was all he could do. So i...he...we...continued creeping trying to find an exit. That is when i see my great grandmother and a "tidal wave" sweeps into my mind. this sensation sweeps that man/voice away and EVERYTHING: names, objects, places, toys, etc. that correspond with the life of the five year old enter into my head. the voice of the older man has never been heard again and yet...that memory is still there. The only reminder and clue i have. ive spoken with many and no one has ever had the experience i have had so i turn to the global community. itd be nice for some feedback.

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